EFT Techniques with Aisling Killoran

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) always gets me a second look whenever I mention it…What is it and how do I get myself some – are usually the questions that follow!

I have been practicing this technique for some time now and during my stint on DWTS, I can honestly say it was a life-saver. I used it religiously to help for my nerves and primarily to keep me ‘calm before the storms’ (aka my live performances) every week.

After a week or two, my fellow celebrity dancers and pro dancers started quizzing me about it. I introduced them to the basics, but I discovered that so many wanted to know more.

So, I have decided to go straight to the expert! This weeks’s special guest on Wasted.ie is Psychotherapist and EFT practitioner Aisling Killoran.

How our Paths crossed:
I first met Aisling 2 years ago, when I started to experience crippling anxiety around having to stay in hotels rooms alone, whilst abroad on tours with the band (B*Witched). Obviously, I disguised it well, however it escalated to the point whereby I didn’t want to do anymore gigs – as it involved travel and primarily because my fear of staying alone was overwhelming!


I knew that I needed to work through it, the signs were beginning to show and i had to get to  the root cause of my anxiety. I firmly believe that with any fear you experience, it needs to be addressed head on!


At that time in my life, I’m thankful that I had people around me. However the down-side was they were just enabling my fear. This of course, only served as a ‘quick-fix’ despite it being so relieving in the short term. From a long-term perspective, this only made matters worse.


Then along came Aisling. My ‘knightess’ in shining armour! I can happily say that having worked with Aisling over the years, on-and-off, she has equipped me with the right tools and taught me so much about how to deal with my own challenges. More importantly, how I, in-turn am able to help others experiencing similar issues.


About Aisling:

Aisling Killoran is a certified Professional Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Trainer in Health and Wellbeing, since 2000, with over 25,000 Clinical hours in the following areas: Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, HeartMath Coach, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques, Tapas Acupressure Techniques, Hypnobirthing, Fertility support, Counselling skills, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Trainer of Energy Psychology Therapies.

She is also the owner of the Accomplish Change One-to-One clinic in Dublin. www.accomplishchange.ie

About EFT:

EFT is a form of “psychological acupressure”, except that needles are not used. The approach relieves your stress and symptoms by tapping on various body locations. EFT Tapping balances energy meridians that become disrupted when you think about or experience an emotionally disturbing circumstance. Once balanced, the upset is usually resolved – the memory stays but the emotional charge is gone.

Typically the result is lasting and is also accompanied by positive changes in thinking.

What does EFT treat:

EFT can be used to treat the following:

  • Releasing Stress and Anxiety
  • Increasing Confidence and Self Belief
  • Becoming Relaxed and In Control
  • Managing Uncomfortable Challenges in the Workplace
  • Enhancing Relationships, Life and Family Situations
  • Help with Sleepless Nights!

Thanks for checking in with us. We hope you enjoy this video with Aisling and enjoying hearing more about this technique!

Tune in for my “Life in Lockdown’ vlog series, when i’ll be talking to more friends on their survival & wellbeing techniques!  #LifeinLockdown

Sinead XXX

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