About Wasted Media

Wasted Media is an Irish Communications and Marketing agency working with brands and companies producing sustainable products, reducing waste and raising awareness for a better way to do things.

Our experience working with local, national and global brands has seen us navigate the landscape of traditional and digital media for many years. We live in a cluttered media landscape today and it can be difficult to work out the best path to promotion. Wasted Media provides full media support to new and existing brands looking to be heard in this landscape and our media team help clients to refine a brand message that is appropriate.

Building brand awareness is an everyday job. Staying relevant in a fast moving media landscape is time consuming. Our work therefore, is not (just) about writing press releases, designing engaging marketing communication and securing advertising campaigns for our clients. It’s about helping companies to build a positive brand identity that will engage audiences and position their brand in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Our focus at Wasted Media is always on positive communication, to embrace real change and to change the narrative from what we have done, to what we can do now, together.

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About Wasted.ie

Wasted.ie is the beating heart of Wasted Media. Our digital lifestyle platform allows us to promote our clients in an engaging and innovative way through interviews, product reviews and market awareness.

For brands and companies focused on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly products, there appeared to be no platform available for them to engage with their consumers. As more and more of these great brands arrived in the market and consumers were actively seeking them out, we knew that we needed to step in.  And so, Wasted.ie was born.

Wasted.ie provides news, information, advice and stories about the positive shift happening towards more sustainable brands and products. We offer a unique and dedicated space for people to get practical advice, information and hopefully, some inspiration.

Our Focus: To talk about Food, Fashion, Home, Beauty, Holidays, Motoring, Wellness, and everything in between. We want to encourage our audience to engage with brands that they may not normally consider, or be aware of. At Wasted Media, we believe in giving these brands a voice that they deserve. Because now, more than ever, they need to be heard.

Mary O’Sullivan (CEO & Founder)


Mary has spent the last 20 years managing commercial, PR and marketing activities within the media industry. She has been an integral part of the start-up phases of new broadcast media and outdoor advertising platforms in Dublin. She believes that consumers are actively looking to engage with brands that are taking the sustainability of our planet seriously.

As CEO and co-founder of the Wasted Media Group and Wasted.ie, Mary insists that the growth of eco and sustainable brands need an experienced voice in a crowded media landscape, so she established this multi-media agency to do just that. She frequently participates in events that promote all areas of social and corporate responsibility in our society. She also speaks at events that aim to further educate audiences about  living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Mary is also the CEO and founder of Our Positive Future and wellness site I’m Okay.

Partnering with Wasted Media

Since establishing Wasted Media and launching Wasted.ie, we have garnered a growing support with an audience looking for help, advice and a positive journey to embracing a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves and their families.

According to a recent Forbes survey*, 77% of people polled wanted to learn to live more sustainably. An Irish Times B&A study** in 2019 found that 51% of respondents chose products on the basis that they were sustainable.

Our audience want to know about alternative and sustainable energy, electric cars, eco-friendly and organic household & beauty products or how they can holiday in a way that is kind to our environment.

Wasted.ie now serves an engaged and pro-active audience looking for answers. We want to offer our visitors the opportunity to find out more about the brands on our shelves. We want them to hear from the companies and organisations that are truly engaged in making their goods more environmentally friendly.

Finally, we want to provide an informative and user friendly experience in a positive space, where they can get accurate and helpful information each time they visit.

* Forbes Survey published July 2019, conducted across the US and Australia by Southern Cross University

** Sign of the Times survey by Behaviour & Attitudes, conducted Jan/Feb 2019 and published by The Irish Times April 2019

Want to work with us?

Our hope is to promote all those working towards a sustainable future. They are the large organisations with progressive recycling initiatives and the brands engaging in organic practices. But it’s also the smaller retailers, the ‘grass-roots’ brands that are doing their bit and need some support from us to promote their great products.

We are always looking for partners, brands, advertisers and companies to work with, so if you feel that we are a company that matches your brand mission, please feel free to get in touch with us for a chat and we can go from there.

You can contact us any of the following ways:

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