Welcome to Community Corner!

This is where we champion local people, local producers and local initiatives.

We hear some much in the news about the larger brands and big organisations doing their bit to improve our environment and we commend them for that and hope they continue to do so.

But we also know that the real changes need to start in our homes, in our communities, our schools and our neighborhoods. Every day, we see wonderful projects happening right across the country. Neighbourhood cleanups, beach cleans, tree planting groups, people planting wild flowers in their local parks. We love that we are seeing more an more of this everyday!

We see organic shops and markets popping up all over the place. Local producers are finally starting to get the recognition that they have deserved for so long, as people really start to appreciate the need for local, organic, homemade produce.

So, this is an area for you.

To tell your story. To inspire others. To truly motivate others to get involved – and to show them that every little thing we do will make a difference somewhere, to somebody.

So please, send us your story, tell us about your products and lets’ tell everyone!

Editors Note: Please send a brief description or story along with some photos (if appropriate). Or send us a link to your Facebook or Instagram page