Laura Whitmore’s sustainable beauty secrets

Irish TV beauty, Whitmore, who has become increasingly passionate about sustainability in recent years

Perusing red carpet photos of Laura Whitmore, it’s hard to imagine the blue-eyed beauty ever looking anything but flawless.

But the Irish presenter, who began her career in modelling before moving into TV, says it wasn’t always so.

(Ian West/PA)


“How I did my make-up when I first moved to London 13 years ago was shocking!” she says, speaking on the phone shortly before she heads home to Ireland for the weekend.

“I just kind of thought, you know, more is more – which it wasn’t.”

Luckily, the 34-year-old was able to learn from the best when having her make-up done by pros like Justine Jenkins, who specialises in cruelty-free beauty.

“Justine taught me a lot about where you get your products from and the responsibility we have in that regard,” says Whitmore, who has become increasingly passionate about sustainability in recent years.

That’s why she’s teamed up with Colgate to promotes its new toothbrush, made from biodegradable bamboo.

“I think everyone now realises that we all need to kind of make those changes for sustainable living,” she says.


Colgate Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush Soft, Superdrug

“I know people go, ‘Oh just changing your toothbrush isn’t going to make a difference’, but if everybody did, those small changes [would add up].”

The presenter, who recently returned from an American road trip holiday with boyfriend Iain Stirling (the voice of Love Island), says that she also tries to avoid  too many ‘fast fashion’ purchases.

“When you see people like Meghan Markle [the headlines say] ‘Oh my god, she wore the same dress twice – shock horror’. But it’s OK to do that.

“And do you know what’s lovely? Sharing clothes. I borrow clothes from friends all the time and I give clothes to my friends for work things or for TV things.

“Let’s just use what we have instead of creating more waste.”

Same goes for beauty, the former Strictly contestant says, and when I enquire about her must-have products she excitedly grabs her make-up bag and starts rummaging to find her favourites.

From the perfect hydrating foundation to her fail-safe red lippie, here are Laura Whitmore’s beauty essentials…

(IT Cosmetics/PA)
(IT Cosmetics/PA)

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

“I’m a fair-skinned Irish lady so anything with an SPF in I make that part of my routine, especially the foundation that I use day to day.

“It’s IT Cosmetics, they have quite a wide range. I have it in light and fair-light, it’s good because it’s actually quite good coverage but it doesn’t feel that heavy.

“It kind of feels like you’re just putting moisturiser on your skin – mine can get quite dehydrated.”

(Charlotte Tilbury/PA)
(Charlotte Tilbury/PA)

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Face Primer

“I’ve actually brought this with me for a wedding I’m going to because that’s kind of more for nighttime, with a bit of sparkle in it.”

(West Barn Co/PA)
(West Barn Co/PA)

West Barn Co Soap Brows

“A make-up artist used this on me and now basically all my friends have bought it.

“It’s basically soap in a tin and then you use a little brush to brush up your eyebrows, to Cara Delevingne them up! I love it.”

(Charlotte Tilbury/PA)
(Charlotte Tilbury/PA)

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Glossy Black

“I love Charlotte Tilbury mascara. You know, when it comes to mascara it’s all about the brush – with this, it’s the brush that I like.”

(Charlotte Tilbury/PA)
(Charlotte Tilbury/PA)

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red

“A good red lip can just change [your look]. I love a bright red.

“Like tonight I’m going to one of my best friend’s weddings. I’m flying to Ireland and I have to go straight from the airport to the drinks, but all I’m going to do is put red lipstick on when I get off the plane and that’s me done.”

You can catch up with more from Laura on here Insta page here

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