Is Monday the New Hangover?


As I walk down the street in Dublin 2 on a Monday morning, I am struck at how palpable the ‘Monday’ mood has become over the past few months.

People scurrying along, heads down, earphones firmly engaged and a look on their face that says ‘Not Now!’. The streets are quieter this year of course, but it somehow only makes this atmosphere more obvious. Even the people in the cars look dazed. Nobody is singing along to the radio and everyone looks like they would just rather be somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Of course, I am no exception. Before 9am, I have given unnecessary thoughts to all of the bills that I need to pay and all of the things that could go wrong over the next 5 days. I’ve probably already gone through 10 reasons why working as a waitress in a cocktail bar in the south of Spain would be a wonderful idea.

And then I remember. Monday is the new hangover.

Because, over the last few months, Mondays have taken on a new lease of life that resembles something that lies beyond the wall in Game of Thrones. It has just been that sort of a year. Where we try to hang on to every little high we can get our hands on and Monday just wants to come along and break up our party.

We stay up later on a Sunday night, just to delay it’s arrival. But just like those Sunday nights when your 1980’s TV blared out the theme tune to Glenroe, you know that Monday will not be ignored. (apologies to anyone who didn’t have the pleasure of growing up in Ireland in the 1980’s. You may have to ask a colleague to explain this one)

Sure enough, the alarm goes off and we turn the corner, only to run into Monday like it was an ex from bad breakup. One that keeps turning up in your local. With holidays and weekend breaks removed from our agenda, we are placing all of our focus on making our weekend the highlight. When Monday arrives (as she does), in all her Monday-ness glory, we focus on ‘just getting it out of the way’.

But what if we said NO to Monday-ness?

What if we were able to greet her in our local, give her the nod and a smile and go about our business. Nothing to see here. We are getting on just fine, thank you. Because we remember that we had some very good times together. Monday’s should represent the start of a brand new week, with opportunities and possibilities. They might not be immediately visible (Monday can be coy at times), but chances are, if we look, we will find at least one.

So, as your next Monday strolls into view, remember to treat her with respect. Try to find one thing you are grateful for. She may very well have some good news for you this week.

And if she doesn’t? Don’t worry, Tuesday will be along any minute on a great white horse to rescue us.

Take Care X

Mary O’Sullivan,


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