Are we there yet?

It has been almost 7 months since we started talking about Coronavirus. I’m not sure if that time has flown by, or if it has crept along slower than when you were eight, counting down the days until your summer holiday.

And for many 8 year olds across the world, they are still counting. Except they don’t know how long they will be doing it for. And their parents have no answers to give them.

Are we there yet? I’ve no idea.

Since the start of the new restrictions on people’s movements and daily routines, I have been curious to see how, en masse, we deal with this new and changing world. I have tried to notice our habits and how people adapt and change to this altered way of life. We are all individuals, but faced with a global pandemic, its fascinating to see how similar we also are.

Some months back, as I walked into town on a sunny day, I noticed that almost all of the girls were wearing summery dresses. After months of nothing but leggings, tracksuits and runners to be seen across the country, it was like everyone woke up on the same day and thought ‘I’m getting dressed into something fancy today’!

And remember how many WhatsApps you would receive each day at the start of the pandemic? How many did you get yesterday? Yep, some day, a while back, it just stopped :).

So, I believe it is now that we need to be very careful about how we handle this next stage of living with the virus. Of course, we will listen to and follow the instructions of the experts. We will wash our hands and wear a mask. We will not travel to anywhere that we don’t need to.

However, although these are the most crucial ways for us all to stay safe physically, I think that now is the time that we need to really look after our mental health. Yes, I know that it was talked about alot at the start of this outbreak (Leo Varadkar often spoke about it’s importance), but, as this whole thing started, we remained mostly positive. We figured that if we did everything we were told, that we would come out the far side and put this ‘bad dream’ behind us.

We have been upbeat and welcoming about the little bit of alone time, or the extra walks outside. For the most part, we have figured out a reasonable work / life balance (which was not easy when home is at work and work is always at home). We have had our down moments too of course. Not being able to see loved ones was particularly tough, as was doing the simple things like going for a drink after a long day.

Generally speaking though, it seems that we have managed. We embraced working from bedrooms and got a laugh out of getting Zoom-bombed. We coloured our own hair (some of us have even chanced an adventure with the scissors) and we challenged each other to make our own face masks.

But over the past week or two, I have started to see a shift in behaviour. The realisation that we don’t really know when this will be over has started to dawn on a lot of us now. In recent days, we have started to wonder, not only about the spread of the virus, whether or not we can properly control it, or when there will be a viable vaccine; but about how the economy will cope, the certainty of our job, or about the safety of our children going back to school.

In the first few weeks of lockdown, I heard many friends and family members saying things like ‘I’m kind of enjoying this New Normal, I have discovered that I quite like my own company. It’s great to spend some time with the kids without having to leave for the office before they wake up’

And it was great. For a while. It was a break from a life that was over filled with stuff we needed to do, things we needed to buy and places we had to be. And then we had a sudden opportunity to stop and take a much needed break.

But as time passes, each week feels like the last. When our time is not punctuated by things to look forward to, it makes us feel like we are living on the set of Groundhog day. We are social animals and we thrive on our interactions with other people. That interaction has been taken away almost overnight and I believe it is imperative that we don’t allow ourselves to become used to a life without other people in it.

I am no expert in this area, but I have started to notice a few  changes already that makes me concerned about how people are feeling in themselves. People seem a little more down trodden, shrugging their shoulders when asked how they are. The usual good things that we had to focus on, like going on holiday, now seem so far away. Going out on a Saturday night no longer holds the same appeal and many of us still are not comfortable in a crowded setting like a restaurant, no matter how much effort these places have made to make their business safe. It becomes easier to just not bother. And before we know it, we will start to stop socialising altogether. And this will be a big mistake for all of us.

So, in an effort to make sure that I do not fall foul of becoming someone who can’t be bothered to make an effort, I have made a list for myself of all the things I am going to try to do more of over the next few weeks. They are mainly small things, but I feel that they will help. Feel free to join me 🙂

Get out of the house every day, even if it’s raining. It might be to just go for a walk in the park, or a walk to Dunnes. Fresh air always makes you feel better. If you can take someone with you, even better.

Take 10 minutes each day to just be quiet. Meditate, do some stretches, mute the TV and close your eyes to think about nothing. Just sit quietly for 10 minutes to empty your head and calm your mind.

Call someone. It might be your mum, your brother, or a work colleague. Over the past few months we have spent so much time on WhatsApp, that we have stopped connecting properly with each other. You never know when that person will need to hear your voice.

Try to spot someone who may be feeling overwhelmed. There are so many people who’s daily routines have been turned on their head. Do you know someone with small kids that could do with a chat, or a bit of help?

Call your friends rather than text. Remind yourself how you laugh at the same things. Ask them how they are.

Have date night. If you are married / in a relationship, make a nice dinner, get dressed up and set the table. Pick one night and make an occasion of it. If you are single, make a date with a friend and go somewhere for dinner, or have a coffee in the park. Get dressed up.

Eat properly. Eating more green vegetables and less junk food won’t save the world, but staying healthy is a sure way to put you in better form all-round.

Drink more water. Because it’s good for you 🙂

Think about vitamins. Again, not my area and I can only speak from personal experience, but I feel that Vitamin C and Vitamin D are usually a help (Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin and God knows, we could all do with a little of that these days!)

Consider a staycation. We know that restrictions on our movements can change quickly, so please adhere to government guidelines. But if you can, pick a place in Ireland that you’ve always said you would visit. Now is your chance. Even a weekend break will put a smile on your face. If you can, try to get out of your immediate surroundings.

Don’t let negative thoughts get more attention than they deserve. If you find your brain wandering into a negative space, try to pull your mind back out of it. Go for a walk.

Limit your exposure to news. It’s good to stay informed, but too much news and information about the pandemic is not good for you.

Stop trying to second guess when this will all be over. The experts don’t know, so until they do, you won’t either.

Lets make sure that we stay safe, stay sane, stay happy and look after each other.


Mary O’Sullivan

Header Image by Craig Adderley/ Pexels

Legionella and how businesses can deal with it as they re-open

As many of our offices, hotels and workplaces prepare for staff to return to work, there is work to be done to ensure safety within premises.

Employers are busy putting in the necessary steps to mitigate the threat of the transmission of the Coronavirus for when their employees return. However, there is another potential hazard that needs to be considered (particularly in the hospitality industry). HSE’S Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) has urged people to be aware of Legionnaires’ Disease, which can be caused due to bacteria growth in places that have been left idle during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is Legionnaires’ Disease?

Legionella is a bacteria caused by the growth of Legionella bacteria in water systems which are not properly managed. The bacteria can cause Legionnaires disease, which is a type of pneumonia causing serious illness. It can manifest as Legionnaires’ Disease, but also in its milder form, Pontiac fever.

How does a person contract it?

The HSE said that, due to the current pandemic, many buildings have been closed for some time. “This can increase the risk of Legionella growth in the water systems and associated equipment including evaporative air conditioning systems, water fountains, showers, spa pools, and other equipment if the water systems have not been managed adequately, “ a statement from the HSE has said.

Dr Suzanne Cotter, Specialist in Public Health Medicine for the HSPC explained that “the illness is acquired by the inhalation of aerosolised water contaminated with Legionella bacteria”.

Who is at risk?

It seems that those at risk of contracting Legionnaires disease are amoung those that are already at most risk when contracting Covid-19. The elderly in particular (but even those over 50 years of age) people with immunosuppressed systems and persons with underlying respiratory conditions are most at risk.

What exactly is the risk?

The fatality rate of the disease is about 10%. The illness usually starts with flu-like symptoms including fever, tiredness, headache, and muscle pains. This is followed by a dry cough and breathing difficulties that may progress to a severe pneumonia.

Dr Cotter added: “It is very important that during this pandemic and in particular, before reopening occurs that all water systems are kept safe for the future health and safety of guests, visitors and staff.” She said the guidance is aimed at hotels, campsites and cruise ships but is relevant to all public, residential and office buildings with similar water systems.

Getting the right advice

At Wasted, we wanted to get some more information about the risks, but in particular some guidance and advice on how business can safely deal with Legionella. We spoke to Environmental Efficiency Ltd.

Here is the advice we received.

Legionella bacteria thrives in water that is left stagnant between temperatures of 20 – 45 degrees Celcius. The current Covid-19 pandemic and the addition of the recent warm weather have resulted in conditions that offer Legionella a significant opportunity to grow and proliferate within water systems. The areas that are most at risk for Legionella proliferation are:

Hot and cold water systems, HVAC systems, Spa pools, Cooling Towers, Humidifiers, Spray wash units and Fire suppression systems.

What advice can you give to companies that are getting ready to re-open?

Firstly, you need to identify key workers who carry out safety-critical activities and create a control plan for what should happen if they become ill or have to self-isolate. This may involve the providing of additional instruction, information and training to all employees and familiarizing them with the Legionella control plan and the required controls and checks that should be carried out.

Flushing of outlets, continued, appropriate dosing of evaporative cooling systems are imperative. Controls may need to be adapted due to changing circumstances. Changes to control should be proportionate to risk and based on a review of the risk assessment.

For premises with simple water systems, which have had to shut down, (such as small shops and hairdressers) extended weekly flushing of all outlets in advance of opening will assist in maintaining microbiological control.

If it is not feasible to continue ongoing control, water systems should be safely shutdown. In general, water systems should be left filled with water and not drained down. With large water systems, residual water or moisture will remain within the system if drained and biofilm can develop where there are pockets of water or high humidity. Leaving the water in the system will help to avoid other problems associated with systems drying out, including failure of tank joints and corrosion in metal pipework.

Where wet cooling systems are being shut down, competent advice should be obtained prior to shut down. Shut down of such systems will need proper decommissioning (draining, sealing and addition of desiccant) in order to minimise the Legionella risk when they are eventually put back into service.

Environmental Efficiency Risk Assessment

Environmental Efficiency

Environmental Efficiency Consultants can provide a full Legionella Risk Assessment and control plan. They can also deal with Legionella testing of the water systems to provide a proper picture of the bacterial health of the systems.  This service offers detailed and structured support to businesses with clear and easy to follow steps on how to control the risk associated with Legionella.

Contact Environmental Efficiency here

Sending an Irish kiss worldwide, with Póg

Being hailed as the new alternative to the Claddagh ring, the Póg necklace is asking us to wear love, to send love, to show love.

The Póg necklace is one of the many great pieces from Sligo born Melissa Curry, whose range is simply about bringing positivity into our lives.

Melissa has a small studio in Donnybrook, making beautiful jewellery, that tell stories. We love it already!

Most of us who paid attention in Irish class will know that Póg is the Irish for kiss. Not only are these pieces gorgeous, but Melissa has aimed her business specifically at a “more conscious consumer”. That meant establishing sustainable practices across her entire supply chain, using biodegradable packaging and eliminating waste. Maith thú!

These gorgeous necklaces were selling out fast on Aer Lingus flights as an alternative to the Claddagh ring, but as the pandemic arrived, Melissa had to quickly re-think her position.

We caught up with her to find out a little more about the Póg range and how she has dealt with the business over the last few months.

What gave you the inspiration to start the Póg range?

I had just returned to Ireland after 15 years living and working as a designer in Paris and I felt a little lost. Feeling disconnected from my roots and my former world, I was stuck in-between lives. It was a solitary time. My son who was 3 yrs old was going through medical challenges also at the time. His little kiss was always reassuring, at the end of the day or first thing in the morning.

The symbol X (kiss) a familiar letter that we use to sign off our communication, be it digital or written, amused me. I thought it was a symbol used worldwide and cross-generational, but I discovered that this was not the case. The X is used very much in Anglo speaking countries, but it didn’t go beyond, which was a little disappointing.

And so, the idea was to merge the sentiment of a kiss in Irish,(PÓG) and the little X together. I loved the idea of sending Irish Kisses to people all over the world. I felt there was a need for something new in Ireland to represent the more progressive country that we were becoming,.

Anne Kernan a designer and technical whizz who had worked for Links of London (also Irish) helped me develop the concept and the full collection was delivered in early 2019.

Why now and has the Coronavirus pandemic affected your business?

I launched the PÓG bracelet just before the pandemic on board Aer lingus, to get a feel for my customer. It’s message was to promote the Irish Connection – a Kiss from Home.

After a month in lockdown I felt it was time to re-think our message and support people who were feeling alone and those who were missing their loved ones. People have been very receptive to it, which is amazing.

What was the main challenge for you during this time?

My stock was the main issue, it was stuck on aircrafts and in airports which were all closed. Our agent was brilliant as she helped us retract some of the stock at the end of May, so we have Pógs travelling all around the world ever since!

During the pandemic, I had also lost my team which was really difficult, but we have been blessed with support from people who have cheered us on and help us back up on our feet!

Who is your main customer right now?

Póg is a kiss so its attracts a variety of age groups. Women remain the main target, but men have been a very busy consumer too. Its easy, meaningful and a keepsake. We have signet rings with spinning kisses and cuff links too. So I think there is something for everyone to enjoy and gift.

Send A PÓG/Kiss To someone you miss and raise money for Jigsaw – A message from Melissa Curry

Jigsaw, The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, has seen a 400% increase in demand for its online services and supports since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis in March. They have also had more than 4,000 teachers across the country sign up to its mental health e-learning programme during the outbreak.

This pandemic has left so many of us without the core things we need for our mental well-being. A hug, a conversation, a walk in the park, a friend. Jigsaw are working hard to ensure there is support for our young people, our families and our communities during these dark times.

100% of the profits of each PÓG bracelet sold will be donated to Jigsaw, which goes directly to them at this time of need. So buy a PÓG and send love to those who need it most and send a kiss to those you miss. We all miss our friends and loved ones, but we can be there with a PÓG even if we can’t be there in person.

Whether it’s someone in your house that needs some extra love and support, a friend abroad that couldn’t make it home, or family that you’re missing, everyone appreciates a kiss from home. and we all need to feel love and reassurance at this time.

Póg is for all. Everyone needs love and Póg is love. Wear love, send love, show love and someday soon, we’ll all be back together celebrating love.

Instagram : @pogthekiss

Find out more at Póg from Melissa Curry

Introducing the Nissan Ariya – the all new, all electric SUV

Nissan has had a challenging few months, but this hasn’t stopped the car manufacturer unveiling its most advanced electric car yet.

Nissan unveiled the Ariya at the soon-to-open Nissan Pavilion in Yokohama, Japan. The Nissan Ariya is a high-performance coupé crossover filled with autonomous driving technology, clever safety features, and voice-activated controls.

The Ariya has a range of up to 310 miles between charges, while the top-of-the-range model is capable of 0-62mph (100kph) in just 5.1 seconds. It is built on a new Nissan/Renault/Mitsubishi Alliance platform.

Drivers can check the status of the Ariya’s battery before they leave the house and once you put in a scheduled destination, the Intelligent Route Planner will send a reminder when it is time to depart, keeping your day on-track.

With a minimalist dashboard, you have no conventional buttons, but rather a voice-activated display. Once you’re inside the car and say “Hello Nissan” or “Hey Nissan,” you can ask for information about your travel route, including searching for points of interest.

What will it compete with in the market?

It is placed to compete with the Tesla Model Y crossover and other new electric SUVs including the Audi e-Tron, Ford Mach-E and Hyundai Kona EV.

Is there a rebrand for Nissan?

The Ariya is the first production model to represent Nissan’s new electrified brand identity, where electrification and AI technology will be standard.

The Nissan Ariya sports Nissan’s new logo, also made its world premiere this month. Symbolizing the company’s dedication to keep innovating for new generations of customers, it will be on all upcoming Nissan models as they’re introduced.

However, the company name remains at the centre of the logo, making sure that the instantly recognizable brand still takes pride of place.

When can we get our hands on one?

The Ariya sets the pace for Nissan’s plan to roll out 12 new models in 18 months. We are expecting to see the Ariya here in the Autumn 2021.

Have a listen to my review on Toys for Boys @Radio Nova

Greg Gaughran, Wasted.ie

Summer Staycations kick off in the Clayton Hotel Group

Where every moment matters. That is this summer’s tagline from the Clayton Hotel Group it has never been more appropriate…

As a level of uncertainty still surrounds us in terms of this year’s family summer getaway, it seems that many of us are making the decision to holiday at home this year.

Yes, we know that the weather brings it’s own ‘unknown’, but there really is a lot to love about this country of ours – if we took the time to explore it.

So, we say, pack the umbrellas, the wellies, sunglasses and picnic boxes and let’s get out there!

The Clayton Hotel Group has been working hard these past few months to make each and every hotel in the group as clean and safe as possible to make sure all guests are welcomed to a friendly, new environment.

We visited The Clayton Hotel in Cardiff Lane in Dublin and yes, there were changes, but we expected that. Being asked to give a few more details than usual on arrival so that the hotel can contact trace customers and visitors if and when necessary, was appreciated.

The other thing we noticed, was that all staff members were wearing masks. We know that there has been some mixed feeling from the general public about wearing face coverings, but personally, I was delighted to see this.

This hotel was one that was typically packed with corporate people having lunch, having meetings, and having a few days working late at another office. But that is all about to change!

We spoke with Catherine McGovern, Director of Sales and Marketing for the hotel.

“Like so many businesses right now, we just have to look at things differently. The corporate business has all but disappeared overnight. But we are in the fortunate position to be located right in the heart of the city, so that makes us a popular choice for families visiting Dublin. Of course, the leisure center and the pool also helps!”

The Clayton Hotel is also offering clever packages for families with a family Pizza Package and a Breakfast & Bubbles package for couples staying in Cardiff Lane. They are currently offering rooms from €99 per night, with €10 when you sign up to Click on Clayton online.

I also discovered that their Leisure Centre is also hiding some fabulous treatment rooms, with massages, manicures, and everything! 🙂

But how do they expect the summer to go?

“It really is quite an uncertain time for the industry, but as each week goes by, the number of bookings is going up and up. People that were still hanging on to the idea of getting away in August or even September, have just made the decision to stay at home” Catherine tells us.

From speaking to colleagues and friends at Wasted, we also think that the Irish in particular are genuinely interested in supporting our own domestic holiday industry. And with so many people staying away from their families this past few months, we believe that many people are quite happy to stay close to home and close to their loved ones this year.

I know I am. Galway, here I come 🙂

Check out the Summer Specials at the Clayton Hotel, Cardiff Lane here: Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane Summer Specials
Or find all the ways to contact them here: Contact the Clayton Hotel Cardiff lane here

Mary O’Sullivan, Wasted.ie


Nuasan, the NEW way to keep fresh as you go!

Freshening up on the go. That used to be another way of saying ‘Baby wipes, a lot of deodorant and hoping people won’t stand too close to you…

Okay, so perhaps that may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the picture. We all know that feeling when you’re chasing around all day, trying to get the school run in before your first appointment, before you have to be home to let the boiler man in, before you have to be back in the office for that meeting you swore you wouldn’t be late for (again) ….and so it goes on.


We all have different schedules and sometimes it feels like you spend your day running.

Physically and metaphorically.

I’m someone who seems to be always running (I couldn’t tell you!), so I always (particularly during the summer months) have a can of deodorant in my drawer at work.

It was particularly handy on Fridays around 5pm, when a drink after work was mentioned.

But I digress. In a time when we are all trying to do our best to buy more eco-friendly cosmetics, we have always struggled to find products that were both easy on the environment, but actually WORKED.

Enter Nuasan. They are an Irish company (based in Galway), who have just launched Active Body Wipes made from plant-based fibres. They work in harmony with your skin to create a sustained body-odour controlled environment meaning you feel fresh all day long.

Enriched with L+pHControl® which eliminates the bacteria that causes body odour, they also contain bamboo and peppermint to instantly cool, as well as macro-algae and aloe to soothe and hydrate.

Well, doesn’t that sound pretty amazing?

Dara Scott, founder and MD says, “Our busy lifestyles mean we have enough to worry about besides trying to stay fresh as well as worrying about if we’re making sustainable choices.

So, don’t worry!” This is a range of body care products created with the active and on-the-go life in mind, so that feeling of freshness would never be too far away.


Where did the product come from? Years of expertise using natural active ingredients in a completely different field, lead to the development of Nuasan. Using anti-fungal properties to create HiveAlive, a natural feed for bee health has protected over 6.5 million colonies of bees worldwide.

With proven success, Dara and his team began exploring other categories and found that there aren’t very many natural products available for dealing with bacteria and fungus for people. They also found that when it comes to body odour, it’s all about “deodorising” or masking the issue, not actually eliminating the problem.

Why is Nuasan different? Natural body care products have long since been established in the market, so what’s unique about Nuasan? Sustainability is a driving force behind the company’s ethos and impacts every element of the business from manufacturing to day to day business.

Dara says, “Too many companies just focus on growth and profit. We want to use our position to positively impact the future any way we can.”

And so…

  • Nuasan has a goal of being carbon neutral by 2022.
  • Their Nuasan Active Body Wipes are biodegradable and made from plant-based fibres.
  • 10% of all profits are donated to combat the climate crisis.
  • 75% of their bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (this means they are taking plastic out of the environment instead of adding to it.)
  • All their boxes are made from recycled paper.
  • Their HQ office is powered solely by wind power.
  • They have a zero-waste policy and compost facilities in their office.
  • All their products are vegan and cruelty free.

All in all, we believe that this is a pretty good proposition and a product that we would like to recommend here on Wasted,so we are happy to get it the thumbs up!

Good for your health, good for the environment. And good for the bees apparently.

Get yours…
To learn more and to purchase visit

www.nuasan.com;  Instagram @_Nuasan and @NuasanActive



Sustainable Staycations. Looking at holidays closer to home

Staycations. It’s all anyone is talking about these days…

Sustainable Tourism. That’s another one.

Here are seven places where you can embrace both this year!

Hotel Doolin, Doolin, County Clare

Hotel Doolin is Ireland’s only Carbon Neutral Hotel and a leader in green hospitality in Ireland. The hotel has won numerous eco awards including Irish Medium Sized Green Organisation of the Year 2018/19 and the Green Tourism and Entertainment Award as well as being listed in the McKenna Guide 100 Best and the Irish Independent’s Fab 50 Places to Stay.  Hotel Doolin is the founder and the home of the Doolin Folkfest, Doolin Writers’ Weekend and Doolin Surfest www.doolinfestivals.ie 

Cliften Eco Camping, Cliften, Galway

Clifden Eco Beach is a multi-award-winning ecological park and Ireland’s first eco-certified carbon-neutral premises. Set amongst the sand dunes on the shores of Connemara’s Wild Atlantic Way, it boasts breathtaking panoramic seascape views from its secluded private sandy beach.

Its unique location and relaxed atmosphere provide a true semi-wild eco camping adventure. Discover real peace with nature, with vast open spaces, natural beauty, spectacular sunsets and cosy campfires, under a star-friendly sky.

Ard Nahoo Eco Retreats, Mullagh, County Leitrim

Green Credentials: The timber-framed and cedar wood-cladded Eco Cabins at Ard Nahoo aren’t just eco-friendly – they’re also pretty. Power in the cabins comes courtesy of a wind turbine and heated wood-pellet stoves will keep you warm. Leitrim’s appropriately green and untouched hills are your backyard.

Gyreum Eco Lodge, Castlebaldwin, County Sligo

Green Credentials: Just like its green UFO-like roof, the entire Gyreum building blends in with its green surrounds. Fresh foods are harvested from the vegetable gardens; a wood stove provides ample heat; and breakfasts include organic duck eggs. Described by one reviewer as “by far the coziest place I stayed during my two week trip to Ireland”, the Gyreum even welcomes travelling volunteers and hosts courses in eco building, energy and organic horticulture.

Croan Cottages, Dunnamaggan, County Kilkenny

Green Credentials: Located among fields of deep green Kilkenny farmland, Croan Cottages are epitomes of modern eco accommodation. Here, rain is collected to water plant and vegetable gardens; fruit trees and native deciduous hedges pepper the grounds and Fair Trade and GM-free organic products are prioritised. The owners even operate their own small holding, keeping cattle, sheep, pigs, ducks, peacocks, pheasants and dogs (your dog is welcome, too!).

Hagal Farm, Bantry, County Cork

Green Credentials: Nestled in the mountains of west Cork, Hagal Healing Farm is an ecological escape where visitors can relish a detox weekend, take organic cooking courses or relax with natural therapies. Warm welcomes are literal here, as hosts Janni and Fred greet guests with herbal tea using ingredients from their own sprawling garden. Couples have even tied the knot in this “Garden of Eden” with its “gorgeous views over green hills to Bantry Bay.” Solar heating, bedside candles and organic eats? Mother Nature approves.

Iveagh Garden Hotel, Dublin

In designing the hotel, the McGill family felt strongly that the property should deliver an exceptional guest experience, while limiting the hotel’s carbon footprint. The Iveagh Garden on Harcourt Street will source all of its energy from an underground river, running 50 metres below the hotel. Large turbines will convert power from the river Swan to meet all of the hotel’s energy requirements. Oh, and it’s only gorgeous!

Dublin Docklands launches Re-opening campaign

Dublin Docklands is the place to be this summer, so grab your sunglasses, your umbrella (and perhaps a face mask) and head to Dublin’s up and coming neighbourhood!

With Ireland reopening at last, businesses are putting their heads together right across the country, in a bid to entice visitors and customers safely through their doors again.

Dublin Docklands has enjoyed immense popularity over the past number of years, as new businesses flocked to this new Smart and Digital hotspot. New and trendy bar and restaurants opened up almost weekly, all looking to engage with the growing population of Googlers, Facebookers and a generally vibrant and socially active population.

When the Coronavirus hit Ireland earlier this year, Dublin Docklands was not immune to the closing of offices, businesses and tourist attractions as the streets, walkways and cycle paths fell silent along with the rest of the city.

But that is slowly starting to change and there has never been a better time to explore this area, as the young population of residents, workers and tourists start to return to Dublin’s coolest neighbourhood once again.

With lots of wide-open spaces and a growing selection of bars and restaurants, Dublin Docklands has something to offer everyone, including world-class visitor attractions.



Aileesh Carew, Director of Sales and Marketing at EPIC said, “After the longest closure in our history, We want to encourage residents of the Docklands and visitors to our museum to explore the area and are delighted to support this campaign. We are all in this together and by joining hands, we can work together to ensure that every visitor has a great day out in the Docklands”

And so, in a unique move to promote their neighbourhood, the cafes, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions across the area have come together to launch a marketing campaign inviting visitors to explore what their area has to offer. Kicking off on the streets of Dublin Docklands on July 7th, the outdoor advertising campaign will advise people via a unique QR code about businesses and attractions that are open in their immediate location.

The campaign is facilitated by way of 100 Big Belly street units on the streets right across the Docklands. Managed by iHubbs Media, the campaign will be highly visible and accessible to all visiting the area for work, or for pleasure. As a partner in the marketing initiative, iHubbs wanted to lend its support to the business in the area, by donating it’s Big Belly Outdoor advertising platform at a heavily discounted rate.


“We are delighted to be working together with the great businesses in Dublin Docklands on this marketing initiative. It’s so important that our businesses can re-open their doors safely once again. Our media platform creates the perfect outdoor advertising space to promote the re-opening of Dublin City and with footfall continuing to steadily increase across the Docklands, we are thrilled to be able to generate awareness and engagement with locals and tourists alike.

People visiting the area over the coming weeks will be left in no doubt that Dublin Docklands is open for business!” Mary O’Sullivan, iHubbs

Dublin Docklands is a community that has always been fully supported by residents, businesses and visitors, and one that works consistently together to support each other. This initiative is proof of that.

This newest collaboration of ideas, funding and execution was made possible with the support of its dedicated partners:

iHubbs, Dublin City Council Smart Docklands, Fáilte Ireland, Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, Dublin Port Co, Waterways Ireland and EPIC Museum.

A true example of ‘Stronger together’.

We want to wish these businesses on-going success and we believe that this is yet another positive chapter for this area.

Dublin Docklands, hold that door open – we are on our way!

Eco-friendly makeup by Jane Iredale

Using the highest quality of ingredients available and certified organic whenever possible, the Jane Iredale range promises the best performance, coverage, application and texture.

They also strive to make products that minimize our environmental footprint. We are intrigued, so lets take a closer look!

Hydration Spray

All of the jane iredale Hydration Sprays including POMMISST, Balance and D2O, have earned ECOCERT’s Natural and Organic Cosmetics certification.  Each refreshing spray has been reformulated and repackaged to comply with ECOCERT’s standards for certification while still retaining essential features, benefits and key ingredients of its unique original formula.

ECOCERT is a world renowned independent, natural and organic certification body and was the first to develop a standard for natural and organic cosmetics. It strives to promote the use of ingredients derived from renewable resources and organic farming in addition to using production and manufacturing processes that are environmentally sound and safe for human health. To earn certification, products must be comprised of a minimum of 95 percent ingredients of natural origin, and a minimum of 5-10 percent ingredients from organic farming.

ECOCERT certifies that jane iredale POMMISST, Balance and D2O Hydration Sprays meet and exceed this standard. The Hydration Sprays are 100 percent natural and 30 percent organic, and the products’ sourcing, manufacturing and packaging have minimal effect on the environment.

purepressed base mineral foundation

Did you know that all jane iredale makeup trays can be removed from our foundation compact and replaced with refills? This includes PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation and Beyond Matte! Simply turn the compact over and you will see a little hole near the hinge. Poke the hole with a paperclip to pop out the old makeup tray and replace it with a new refill.

Dream Tint mineral makeup foundation

The packaging of Dream Tint Tinted MoisturizerSmooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener and Glow Time BB Cream are all recyclable! When you’ve finally reached the bottom of your foundation, and are ready to replace it, be sure to recycle your empty bottles.

magic mitt from jane iredale used to remove makeup without chemicals

The jane iredale Magic Mitt removes all of your makeup using no cleansers, just water! The best part is that you can use the Magic Mitt over and over again, and don’t have to throw it away like cotton swabs or makeup remover wipes. Just wash with a mild soap and water and let dry in the mesh bag that is included.

Here’s a fun fact: Jane Iredale’s 100 year old mother, Tess, packages each Magic Mitt in their bag by hand!

We like this range and look forward to seeing more of it around. So far, we have only come across it in beauticians in Dublin (Akina on Leeson Street use Jane Iredale)

Azuni. Jewellery fit for a princess

Who doesn’t love a little bit of bling?

I do, I do!

As we all become a little more sensitive to the sources of our fancy accessories, we are always on the lookout for ethical jewelry that still has as much sparkle as the ones we would normally pick up in Zara, H&M, or even Pennys. And as much as I have always loved a bit of diamante in my time, I find that of late,

I have become more and more drawn to ‘understated elegance’. Something altogether simpler. Less flash, more class. And if I can hear the story about how it came about, then even better. Enter Azuni. The UK jewellery brand that is the brainchild and passion of Ashley Marshall, former professional chef at The Ivy and The Dorchester. So, this is a man who understands a bit about both bling and class then!

Ashley’s journey started during his travels across South America. During his time here, he immersed himself in a variety of native cultures to uncover their ancient arts and philosophies. He developed strong relationships with indigenous artisans during this time, which resulted in the evolution of Azuni’s first collection of beautiful beadwork.

And so it began. Twenty years later and Ashley has a powerful and stunning range of accessories that is unique down to every piece.

After three years studying at Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in London, Ashley’s concept of ‘Urban Tribes’ was born.

He tells us that it is a blend of ancient tribal art-forms with contemporary pop culture and fashion trends.

The Duchess of Cambridge has even taken to the Azuni range. Personally chosen by the Duchess herself, Kate has been spotted wearing Azuni’s drop stone stud earrings on several occasions.

Of course, this drove huge followers to the collection and rightly so.

According to Azuni…

“Now, more than ever, we need to make a conscious decision to support brands that look to support craftsmanship,  and slow fashion worldwide. We are happy that at last more and more fashion brands are joining in what we have always stood for.”

In addition to their commitment to supporting artisans, a percentage of every Azuni purchase goes towards helping to put children in rural Guatemala through education.”

Simple. Personal. Meaningful. and of course, beautiful.

We love this range!

And now for some good news …Azuni has offered our readers a 20% discount on all of their jewellery for a Limited Time! 🙂

Simply use the code TVR20 at the checkout!

Go to Azuni to view the range now!

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