Our Positive Future is launched

At Wasted.ie, we report on positive stories, sustainable brands, innovative projects and engaged communities. We decided it was time to take it to the next level..

For the past 5 years, we have been covering the stories of sustainable initiatives and brands launching across our country. We have brought news of household brands that are working hard to put more sustainable products on our shelves and we have spoken about fantastic, sustainability-led community initiatives that were struggling to get heard.

All of this, we will continue to do here on Wasted.ie

But now, instead of just covering these stories, or providing some promotional support for brands and communities, we are working with them to find their true place in the sustainability eco-system.

And so this month, along with some other great partners in the media industry, we founded Our Positive Future.

Why this and Why now?

The United Nations has dubbed our time as The Decade of Action when it comes to climate change. This action must come from individuals, communities, our governments and our industry leaders.

The corporate world has a unique responsibility to really provide solutions, but many companies are also struggling with their own sustainability agendas and how to put these in place – and into action!

Using the knowledge, exposure and experience our team has built up over the last five years, we want to move from providing information around sustainability, towards actively partnering with businesses to help them turn their ambition, into sustainable actions.

Our Positive Future will offer a service to any brand looking to engage with local initiatives or start-ups. Our service also provides support to start-ups that are looking to gain traction in the marketplace. We work with all partners to make sure the sustainability needs of both internal and external customers are met, as well as the evolving needs of our communities.

Why us?

At Our Positive Future, we already work with solution partners, brands, SME’s County and City councils, smart city initiatives, community projects and the media. Now, we want to put them at the same table.

The subject of sustainability is one that is moving quickly and many business are feeling overwhelmed by the jargon, ESG agenda proposals and new government policies.

We have over twenty years business experience in change management, strategic planning, mentoring, media training, and marketing communications, so we are able to move at pace and provide value quickly.

Our team has wide range of hands on, industry experience, having worked in every sector and every size of organisation – from start-ups, to global blue chip companies, so we understand the frustrations of internal challenges, the importance of positive communication, and staff buy-in.

We use the skills and connections we have achieved over this time to help organisations to develop and drive bespoke sustainability plans that will meet and address the unique sustainability issues faced by all companies today.

As well as working with corporate brands, we are also committed to supporting the start-ups, initiatives and projects happening across the country, by connecting them with operational, financial, trade and advisory supports through our network.

If you feel that we may be able to provide a service to you and your business or community, please visit us at Our Positive Future to find out how we might be able to work together.



Co-Founder; Mary O’Sullivan

[email protected]


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