Mary Kennedy speaks about Life in Lockdown

There’s something about Mary…

As Ireland enters into another week of lockdown, I chat to Mary Kennedy about how she is finding the whole experience and what coping mechanisms she employs to stay calm and balanced.

We were delighted to hear from the woman that has graced our TV screens for many years, without somehow, ever looking a day older!

Sitting in her back garden at home, Mary exudes a sense of calm and common sense, as she talks to us about staying at home and staying safe. For a busy and active person, we feel that being indoors must be a challenge for her. But, if she feels it, it certainly doesn’t show and we believe that she is the perfect voice of reason right now.

She, like most of us, cannot praise our government leaders and healthcare workers enough and tells us that there isn’t another country she would want to be living in at this moment in time.

Mary tells us about the importance of having a daily routine and finding some jobs to do to keep yourself focused! She echoes the thoughts of so many people right now, who are finding it difficult to stay away from their children and grandchildren.

Our Mary Kennedy:

Having started in RTE as a continuity announcer, Mary soon moved on to the Newsroom in RTE. From there, she has presented the Eurovision Song Contest, Open House, Up for the Match, People of the year Awards….shall we go on? She presented her own TV Chat show for a short time called Kennedy and she has only just retired from presenting Nationwide after 15 years!

And this year, we saw her back on screen with Dancing with the Stars on RTE. Whatever vitamins this lady is taking, we need to get our hands on them – fast!

If ever there was a true reflection of someone’s popularity with the public, it was watching studio audiences when Mary Kennedy took to the stage on DWTS. Audiences truly love her and the Irish public showed this every week by putting her top of the popular leader board week after week. The DWTS Team speak so fondly of her that it was clear that she brought something very special to the show – evident both to the audience at home, as well as to all those behind the scenes.

Having chatted to Mary this week for, it’s so easy to see why we love her.

In a time where ‘influencers’, and ‘bloggers’ seem to dominate today’s media landscape, Mary is a celebrity in the real sense. She is truly the epitome of class and someone we hope to see a lot more of.

Tune in for my “Life in Lockdown’ vlog series, when i’ll be talking to more friends on their survival & wellbeing techniques!  #LifeinLockdown
Sinead Xx


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