Just checking in…

How are we all doing today?

If you are anything like me, you have no idea. I start each day by telling myself that, today – I am going to actually get my routine nailed.

Today is the day. Because the show must go on, right? I am going to get dressed, set up my work station properly and write a list. Because as soon as this passes, I need to be ready. I will be ridiculously well organised. I will be ready to take on the world again…

But, I’ll just get a walk in first. A nice, brisk walk to set myself up for the day. I might as well bring a bag in case I want to pick up anything in Dunnes on the way back. I guess, while I’m there, I really should pick up something for lunch.

So, it’s 12 noon and I’m arriving back to the house, with bread, a tub of yogurt, a head of broccoli and 4 tins of tomatoes. Not quite sure what the rationale was there. Tomato flavoured broccoli soup?

But this has become the new reality for alot of us. We are walking around our houses not knowing whether we are hungry (always) or tired. Do I need to do another wash, or did we do that already? What’s for dinner. No idea. When was the last time I checked my email. It doesn’t matter – there hasn’t been a new email in there since 1984. The world it seems, like me, doesn’t really know what to do with their day.

I don’t have children, but on Paddy’s Day, I felt as though I did, as my WhatsApp was working overtime, sending me videos of gorgeous nieces, nephews and cousins. Playing with sheets, random pieces of cardboard and colouredy markers, while their proud parents looked on with big smiles on their faces, delighted at the opportunity at being able to spend some quality time with Fiachra and Baidin. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that this was only Day 2.

For the past 48 hours, my WhatsApp is filled increasingly with glasses of wine and women with no makeup on.

And so it continues. The ‘New Normal’ they are calling it. I’m not sure how to take that, but okay. We are all in this together, they tell us. Not if you don’t have any toilet paper and I have lots I tell them.

I have started to tell myself not to do too much too soon. I cleaned the bathroom on Saturday. Nearly killed me. I won’t be trying that again anytime soon. I’ve heard that the DIY shops have been busy with people using this time to do a few jobs around the house. How many drills and Ikea shelves to you reckon will appear on Done Deal next month?

But I heard a rumour that it’s Thursday already. Where did that week go? I blame St Patrick. Oh well, no point starting that new workflow routine now. I’ll make a proper start on Monday.

For now, I may as well take some time for myself. It’s been an exhausting week. And not a child in anyone’s house washed.

So, I’ll go. Do let me know if you would like a recipe for broccoli flavoured tomato soup. Or how to make your own gin. It doubles up as a hand sanitiser I’m told. I’m going to make lots of both from my new, super organised work station.

But please stay indoors as much as you can, keep washing those hands and try to limit your exposure to the news. I’ll let you know as soon as Boris gets a haircut or Trump smiles at a journalist or someone from China.

But please, do take the time to laugh. Because it might not be the Coronavirus vaccine, but it sure will help.

Stay safe. Mind each Other.

Mary Xx


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