Covid lockdowns have sparked a Baby Puppy Boom!

Coronavirus lockdowns and a new working from home culture has given rise to a massive ‘baby puppy boom’ across the country…


Since the start of this year, the whole world has been rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has changed our lives in so many ways. Most of us have been living with some version of lockdown and have gotten used to working from home. For some of us, that is now likely to become a more permanent arrangement and this new routine has made us think about doing something we could never have really considered before. Yes, it seems that there has been a better time for people to be able to introduce a new member to their family.

Everyone who’s anyone has found themselves a adopting or buying a dog (or a little puppy) in 2020! You only have to go as far as your local park these days to see a fabulous selection of new puppies dancing around in the grass having the time of their lives. Owners have a huge smile on their face, wondering how they ever lived without their new baby!

With more and more of us working from home right now, people can now bring a dog into their home, because they have the time to look after them…

(This is Gigi!)

But there is so much more to owning a dog, than simply having some company while you work from home. Here are a few things to consider:

Proper living space. Set up a bed somewhere nice and warm in the house that your dog knows is theirs

Toilet training (toilet training mats are great for new pups) is something you should start as soon as you can

Obedience training sounds very strict, but it really isn’t and just shows your dog how to socialise properly. It is so important to do this in the early days (for you and your dog)

Routine. It’s so tempting to spend the day playing with puppy and watch them follow you around, but after a few days of getting to know each other, you need to start getting them into routine (the same as you do with small children!)

Microchipping. Unfortunately, as the demand for new puppies increases, so too does the illegal purchasing (and stealing) of dogs. This has gone through the roof in Ireland this last few months. Check with your vet and when it’s the right time, get your new dog / puppy microchipped.

Vaccinations (yes, dogs need these too!). Again, check with your vet.

Pet insurance. This might be worth investigating and there are lots of options on the market now.

Nutrition & Snacks. This is such a huge area, that we decided to focus on some homemade treats for your dog. Lets face it, we now have more time to spend preparing treats at home! We found this great article from Fluent Woof. Check out their great homemade treats for dogs here: Homemade dog treats from Fluent Woof

Fluent Woof is a great site with all sorts of important information for caring for your dog. We love their ethos about improving the bond between dog and owner and the site is based on their own story of when they adopted their own dog, Speedy from a shelter in 2016. They have great articles about exercising, dealing with separation anxiety (which will be important when we all start to return to work), and even an article about dogs and Coronavirus.

Check them out for more tips and important information to consider when you bring home your new bundle of joy!

Note from the editor: PLEASE remember that new puppies need a lot of care and you must appreciate that they are for life. If you need reminding of this, please check out the new advert (‘Sold a Pup) from Dogs Trust here:
Don’t be sold a Pup, the Xmas ad from RSPCA




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