Sinead’s Blog: January 14th 2020

Well, that was some week! I’m not sure what happened, but it was like someone turned the activity level up to 11! 🙂

Normally, January is a quiet month for me, just trying to get myself back into a routine after the over-indulgences of Christmas.

I usually take it pretty easy, just easing myself back into a better diet and some gentle exercise (normally a bit of mediation, yoga or simply a long walk!).

The kids are normally starting new classes or activities, so I try to get their schedules worked out for the months ahead.

But this month has been full on.

Even though I started working on Dancing with the Starts a few months back, the training and rehearsing only kicked off for real since the start of January. Every muscle and bone in my body is sore, even ones I didn’t know existed until this month!

It’s hard to explain to people just how intense this training is. People think, it just a bit of dancing, no bother to you Sinead! But this is hard work! I considered myself reasonably fit, but I’m only starting to realise that my body strength needs a lot of work. Ryan, my wonderful dance partner makes it seem that he’s lifting me with no effort, but I need to help him out by being able to hold myself up. No easy task, let me tell you!

But what I am most surprised at, is how good I feel, psychologically! I had almost forgotten what it’s like to work with a big team of people like this. It’s like being back at school!

Yes, it’s competitive, but this is a great bunch of people and where of course, everyone has their eye on the prize, they are also there to have fun!

But regardless of what sort of day I have had, for me, getting my downtime is the most important thing. I have always practiced mindfulness and although it can be tough to find the time this month, I always make sure to take at least 15 minutes every day to check in with myself. Mostly, that’s on the yoga mat, but sometimes, it’s in the bath!

I can’t stress how much this has stood to me over the years. People always tell me that they’re too busy, but I honestly believe that 10 minutes each morning (and in the evening if you can), will set you up for the day ahead. Just a few simple yoga stretches can do it. I promise that It’s the best 10 minutes you will spend in your day.

That’s it for me for this week. I’m off to my yoga mat to warm up for the day ahead. Please check back in with me when you can!

Until next time, be nice to yourself!

Sinead Xx
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