Life through a Lens, Ryan Andrews in Lockdown

Enjoying his own company, walking the Dog, taking up yoga and filling the time by making meals from scratch? Sounds like he’s quite the domestic man!

Hailing from North Dublin, Ryan started his acting career on RTE’s drama series The Clinic in 2007, before landing a role as school boy Sean Cassidy in Fair City, where he remains on stage to this day.

Well, that’s not quite true because Fair City is currently taking a break from filming due to the Coronavirus.

Unlike many Irish screen actors, he has also had great success on the theatre stage and has been performing in the Christmas Pantomime at The Olympia since 2004.

Who is the real Ryan?

Since I met Ryan, it has always amazed me how full of life he is! He has endless energy and admits that when he puts his mind to anything, he always gives 100%.

That isn’t always easy when we learned on DWTS, what he went though growing up with scoliosis of the spine. But DWTS helped him to not only accept his condition, but show how he could excel, almost in spite of it.

It’s hard to believe that just before he got the call about DWTS, Ryan was seriously considering giving up his career in acting altogether, but his beautiful girlfriend, Michaela has supported him through his doubts and compelled him to keep going to pursue what he loves to do.

And boy, are we glad he did! 🙂

So, what has he been up to during the Lockdown?

For the first two weeks, he tells me, very little! Just chilling out (probably like most of getting used to the new reality) and taking time to relax after the 4 months on DWTS.

Then he gave himself a good talking to and decided that he needed to get back into exercise. He has taken up yoga and does a 30 minute workout each morning before taking the dog on a 5Km walk. Fair play!

He’s also taken-up cooking – like, from scratch! He tells me that apart from being healthier, it also fills the day up nicely! Is there anything he doesn’t do….??!!

He has been obeying the government restrictions fully and has been self isolating with his mother, father and brother. He shops once a week and washes his hands regularly, as he reckons most Irish people are.

He admits that if there was anything he was tempted to break, it would be the 2Km rule. His girlfriend Michaela on 10 years lives on the other side of the city, so that has been difficult!

He’s openly admitted that one of the first things on his list once the restriction are lifted, is to reunite with his beau Michaela, saying “if there was anything I was tempted to do, it would to break the 2Km to spend some quality time with my girlfriend Michaela. I miss her big time”

Mr Andrews has also been quite a busy bee on the popular social media app tik-tok. Some of the shenanigans he gets up to, have me and my kids in stitches… if you haven’t already seen them – you need to!



He’s definitely a born natural entertainer, thats for sure. Long may it continue! 🙂

Click on Ryan’s full video to hear his full story!
You can catch up with Ryan on his insta page here
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Stay Safe. Stay Home.
Sinead Xx

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