RTE’s Keith Walsh’s Life in ‘Lockdown Central’

Keith talks about the first thing he promised to do each day (a spin class) and what he actually does (makes a cup of coffee and goes back to bed).

Why? Because he can…

Keith and I have been friends since we were 15 years old! I know, hard to believe! We were involved in local shows together in Newbridge, where it was clear then that we both had a passion for performing.

There is a photo going around of the two of us in Little Shop of Horrors’ somewhere….Oh wait, there it is!

But after our fleeting childhood stardom, our career took us in separate directions and Keith settled in to a successful career in Irish radio. I’m so glad that we have managed to stay friends throughout, because there is always something about a friend that you have known since you were a kid. It’s like they somehow know you in a way that nobody else does. We have always been honest with each other and have supported each other at various points throughout our careers.

What is Keith up to these days?

Apart from presenting his weekend shows on RTE, Keith has also just started to present an afternoon show on RTE Gold. It seems that this lockdown has turned Irish audiences back to radio again in their droves and presenters are now getting far more interaction from listeners than before. Keith is also doing some filming and writing his one man show (can’t wait to hear more about that!).

But mainly, he is enjoying time at home with his family. He tells me that he feels incredibly lucky to have a home, a garden and his family around him, because, like me, we know that there are people in much less fortunate circumstances.

Keith’s personal story about mental health and awareness

Talking to Keith about how this period in time is affecting us all was great, because he has only recently spoken out about his own personal story of life getting him down and the feelings that went with that. He posted an honest story of his experience on Instagram and was inundated with message of support from people that said they had often felt the same way. He is adamant that we all need to be more aware of these feelings and when we feel that life is getting on top of us, we need to stop, try to relax and above all else, talk about it.

Tune in for my “Life in Lockdown’ vlog series, when i’ll be talking to more friends on their survival & wellbeing techniques!  #LifeinLockdown
Sinead Xx

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