Fiona Fagan talks fashion through Lockdown

Fiona talks about the importance of getting out in nature, staying positive and coming out of the Lockdown a ‘better version of herself’

Fiona Fagan started her life as a professional dancer touring with the likes of Cher and STEPS – but now is a successful fashion stylist. She has styled some of our best-known celebrities, including Glenda Gilson, Jen Zamperelli, and the late Caroline Flack to name but a few.

Blast from my Past

I’ve known Fiona for over 21 years …back to the time when we (B*Witched) had just formed and signed our record deal with Sony Music UK. She herself is a former dancer and made the move to London to pursue her career – but is very much excited to be back in Dublin.

“Dublin is such a different place to when I left and there are lots of amazing and creative stuff going on.” Fiona is currently working as a Freelance Stylist and has styled for International heavyweight brands such as ASOS, NET-A-PORTER, SELFRIDGES, and RIVER ISLAND.

However, being a successful fashion stylist is also in her repertoire. I reconnected with Fiona on this year’s Dancing with the Stars, as a stylist to the very talented and gorgeous Jen Zampereilli. She openly admits she loved every moment of it as she loved experimenting with Jens wardrobe with a lot more unknown, up-and-coming brands – and also included upcycling several outfits from previous shows & events. “Jen was a dream to style,” she says.

Fiona returns to Ireland

Having lived in London for 21 years, Fiona has returned to her native Dublin to a different city and a different pace of life! She tells us that the massive change of moving back with her parents and then realizing that she would be with them 24/7 during this lockdown – which has been challenging at times!

But, her morning meditation makes her calmer and more positive, and trying to stay in a routine at this time for her is so important. She takes herself off to a nearby park twice a day and does TRX training there (wow!).


I met Fiona on DWTS this year and she was the kind of girl that you would have wanted around you all your life  – advising you on what to wear – and what to avoid! She dressed Jennifer Zamparelli for the show and I think we can all agree on how stunning Jen looked week after week! We have stayed in touch during the lockdown and I love hearing what she is getting up to and how she is hoping to treat the next chapter in her life!

Fiona is working to manifest good things for herself

Fiona tells me about reading more, cooking her favorite recipes, and playing dress up in her wardrobe (I’d love to get a look in there!), but I was really interested to hear about her afternoon routine of working with her ‘Manifestor’. It’s a routine of working with your subconscious to manifest the things you wish for in life. She explains it better than I can in the interview, but this is certainly something that I am looking to find out more about now!

Fiona worked with and styled Caroline on Love Island and she had known her for 20 years when two were on the dance scene in London. Shortly after Caroline’s tragic death earlier this year, Fiona was vocal about how people can be treated on social media. She made an impassioned plea to people to be kinder on their social channels.
Fiona said in an interview earlier this year, “Just because you’re famous and you have this massive platform, doesn’t mean that you’re resilient to trolls or to negative comments. We’re all human.”
Fiona’s words were certainly echoed throughout the celebrity world with the message of ‘Be Kind’ reverberating across the globe. We really hope that people have taken some time to think about how they approach social media these days and the real impact that it can have on someone’s life. Before Lockdown struck – Fiona was meant to be spending summer in LA – part work and part pleasure, hooking up some old industry mates from the past. Here’s to hoping it still might happen for you FF! 🙂
She recently completed the front cover styling for the Jan/Feb 2020 edition of IMAGE magazine which also included an editorial piece on the latest sustainable trends and labels to look out for. Her plan …well she’s taking it all in her stride, a bit of chill-out time, good food, spending more time rekindling old friendships, and working on more exciting fashion projects. Catch up with Fiona on her insta page here
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Stay Safe. Stay Home. Sinead Xx

Fiona Fagan’s front cover shoot for

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