Diageo’s 10 year sustainability plan

Diageo has just announced it’s new 10 year sustainability action plan, which has a range of 25 sustainability goals. They are calling it: Society 2030: Spirit of Progress plan.

The plan will focus on three core areas that Diageo has selected to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The three core areas on which the plan will focus are promoting positive drinking, championing inclusion and diversity, and pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability.

In Ireland, the Guinness and Baileys brands will lead the implementation of Diageo’s 2030 targets. Every drink produced will take 30% less water, the packaging will be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable, and the production operations on the island of Ireland will become net carbon neutral.

St James Gate leads the way

Diageo Ireland had announced in September 2020 that the proposed Guinness Quarter development at St. James’s Gate aims to be Dublin’s first carbon neutral district (wow!)

As the first step in its net zero ambition, Diageo’s Scottish distilleries of Oban and Royal Lochnagar will both become carbon neutral by the end of 2020 and Diageo will aim to achieve net zero in India by 2025.

John Kennedy, Diageo’s President of Europe, Turkey and India, said: “Across our Irish operations, we have already demonstrated our commitment to sustainability with a massive focus on reducing our environmental footprint across carbon, water and waste. Recent achievements include a 32% reduction in CO2 emissions and halving water usage at St James’s Gate. Similarly, at our Baileys operation on Nangor Road 100% of the electricity supplied is renewable and zero carbon.”

Providing funding to start-ups

Diageo has also launched Sustainable Solutions, a global platform that will provide non-equity funding to start-up and technology companies in order to develop to help Diageo continue to embed sustainability in its supply chain and brands.

Designed to support small companies and entrepreneurs develop and commercialise their innovations, Diageo will share global resources and experience to unlock future potential for both partners.

We must act now

Chief sustainability officer and president, Diageo supply & procurement Ewan Andrew commented, “It is vital that we act now if we want to maintain the wonderful world we all live in. I’m proud that we have already halved our own carbon footprint and that we are going to push ourselves further by becoming carbon neutral by 2030. It feels fitting that we are leading the way with Oban and Royal Lochnagar distilleries, which will both be carbon neutral by the end of the year.”

If one of the most recognisable brands in the world can make good on their plans, it will be a great example for other brands to follow.

We applaud any global brands making steps in this direction.

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