Staycations kick off at Clayton Hotel Group

Where every moment matters. That is this summer’s tagline from the Clayton Hotel Group it has never been more appropriate…

As a level of uncertainty still surrounds us in terms of this year’s family summer getaway, it seems that many of us are making the decision to holiday at home this year.

Yes, we know that the weather brings it’s own ‘unknown’, but there really is a lot to love about this country of ours – if we took the time to explore it.

So, we say, pack the umbrellas, the wellies, sunglasses and picnic boxes and let’s get out there!

The Clayton Hotel Group has been working hard these past few months to make each and every hotel in the group as clean and safe as possible to make sure all guests are welcomed to a friendly, new environment.

We visited The Clayton Hotel in Cardiff Lane in Dublin and yes, there were changes, but we expected that. Being asked to give a few more details than usual on arrival so that the hotel can contact trace customers and visitors if and when necessary, was appreciated.

The other thing we noticed, was that all staff members were wearing masks. We know that there has been some mixed feeling from the general public about wearing face coverings, but personally, I was delighted to see this.

This hotel was one that was typically packed with corporate people having lunch, having meetings, and having a few days working late at another office. But that is all about to change!

We spoke with Catherine McGovern, Director of Sales and Marketing for the hotel.

“Like so many businesses right now, we just have to look at things differently. The corporate business has all but disappeared overnight. But we are in the fortunate position to be located right in the heart of the city, so that makes us a popular choice for families visiting Dublin. Of course, the leisure center and the pool also helps!”

The Clayton Hotel is also offering clever packages for families with a family Pizza Package and a Breakfast & Bubbles package for couples staying in Cardiff Lane. They are currently offering rooms from €99 per night, with €10 when you sign up to Click on Clayton online.

I also discovered that their Leisure Centre is also hiding some fabulous treatment rooms, with massages, manicures, and everything! 🙂

But how do they expect the summer to go?

“It really is quite an uncertain time for the industry, but as each week goes by, the number of bookings is going up and up. People that were still hanging on to the idea of getting away in August or even September, have just made the decision to stay at home” Catherine tells us.

From speaking to colleagues and friends at Wasted, we also think that the Irish in particular are genuinely interested in supporting our own domestic holiday industry. And with so many people staying away from their families this past few months, we believe that many people are quite happy to stay close to home and close to their loved ones this year.

I know I am. Galway, here I come 🙂

Check out the Summer Specials at the Clayton Hotel, Cardiff Lane here: Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane Summer Specials
Or find all the ways to contact them here: Contact the Clayton Hotel Cardiff lane here

Mary O’Sullivan,


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