Sinead’s Blog: January 30th 2020

How has January been for you?

A bit mehh….?

Yes, I see the ‘roll eyes’ emojis coming at me!

We all know that January really is one of the toughest months of the calendar. Christmas is over and you’re finding it hard to find a legitimate reason to go out for a flash dinner, or treat yourself to something fancy to cheer yourself up.

But now that January is behind us, I am committed to trying to embrace a more balanced lifestyle. I’ve always been quite good at taking time out for myself, with yoga and mindfulness, but I need to to more this year.

What I see increasingly around me are people that are running around, chasing their hectic lifestyles around in circles, balancing work, the kids, the home, the gym and everything else in between. But when I ask them “what are you doing for you?”, they just look at me with a blank and confused face and say “I just told you”

It’s hard. I know it’s hard. Hard to find the time, hard to find the energy, hard to find a babysitter!

So, I’d like to help if I can. I have launched this blog to provide a little bit of inspiration and hopefully a little support on how you can do small (tiny) things to help you become more calm, more grounded and more able to deal with your day.

To provide you with a little gentle encouragement, I’m providing a little carrot to get you started! I promise, there’s very little energy required. We’re keeping it simple!

Over the next few months, i will be doing regular giveaways right here. I have some tasty treats up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

But until next time, look after yourself!

Sinead Xx
Sinead O’Carroll on
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