Brown Thomas commit to G7 pact for fashion

We need to know who is doing their bit!

This is become a narrative we are coming across more and more at

There are so many small brands doing a great job at producing sustainable, ethical and organic products. They are pulling their weight, big time.

But what about the big players, the big retailers? People want to hear from the retailers on our shopping streets about what they are doing to reduce waste and engage in more sustainable practices.

Last year, Brown Thomas signed the G7 pact, which is a pledge to improve sustainability standards across the fashion industry. “Donald McDonald, Managing Director of Brown Thomas, said: “This is an important milestone for the retail industry.

“We realise that the scale of change required cannot be achieved alone. Our Positive Change sustainability approach is at the heart of our business strategy and sustainability runs through everything we do as a business.”

But they didn’t stop there. We have seen a real shift from the retailer to embrace and engage with more ethical and sustainable brands.

Their website states: “We believe luxury should sit lightly on the earth. That’s why our sustainability vision is to achieve POSITIVE CHANGE. We see it as Doing the Right Thing, one of our core business values. We place sustainability at the heart of how we work, what we buy and sell.

Our aim is to manage our environmental footprint, responsibly source our products and support our people and communities.”

And we say, this is great. Can we see more?

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