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How is your Business coping with COVID-19?

These are challenging times for our businesses. We simply do not exist and will not survive, without the support of our customers. So now is the time to show them what we are really made of!

At Wasted Media, we want to help. Over the next few weeks, we are giving companies the opportunity to avail of our Media Services free-of-charge.

How does it work?

If you have a brand, a company, a product or service that you need to promote, just get in touch. Tell us about you and about your business. Send us a link to your website or Facebook page if you have one.

We can help promote your business, in a number of different ways:

Publish your Articles and Press Release

Display your Brand/Product Ad on Wasted.ie

We’ll publish Reviews of products (where appropriate)

We’ll posts across our Social Media Platforms  – FB, Insta & LinkedIn
We’ll publish your content across Wasted.ie and our social platforms (where appropriate)

We’ll offer to carry-out interviews with Brand owners and the Wasted Team and publish on Wasted.ie & across our social platforms

Who can apply:

We would like to work with any brand that exemplify a commitment to natural and eco-friendly products and/or practice a sustainable ethos. Ideally, you will need to be a Business to Consumer brand. We are happy to talk to and help anyone in the following industries:

Catering, Food/FMCG, Travel, Hospitality, Travel, Motor, Transport, Fashion, Environment, Utilities, Beauty, Home and House, Community Initiatives, and all areas of Wellness and Health.

Please get in touch with us if you feel that we can help at this crucial time. Simply drop us an email with some details about your brand and how you would like to promote it – then we will get in touch with some ideas and suggestions.

Check out www.wasted.ie for some inspiration and to see how we work! Email: [email protected]

About Us:

Wasted Media (& Wasted.ie) was established to bring a voice to brands, products and communities that have ‘green-ness’ and sustainability at their core. We are a team that believes in giving the right brands a voice that they deserve. Because now, more than ever, they need to be heard.

(For the future, you can find more information on our full suite of services, by checking out www.wastedmediagroup.ie)

The Wasted Media Team, April 2nd 2020

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