Let’s talk about menopause

Menopause. It’s not exactly a topic you bring up casually over drinks with the girls. But maybe you should.

Because, like it or not, every woman’s hormones begin to change in her 40s. You may be one of the fortunate ones and not even notice, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.

I know, it seemed like a topic you would have overheard your mum and her friend talking about, but for those of us fortunate enough to be in their 40’s (and loving it!), we are now just hearing about pre-menopause.


What? Yes, this sneaky little phenomenon can creep up without you realizing it and may not even cause a change in your cycle.

Ever feel like you are having sudden energy bursts, followed by energy lows, periods of anxiety, poor sleep, and even (god forbid) irritability? These are all common indicators that your oestrogen levels are surging as your reproductive time starts to wind down.

Feeling more stressed than normal? You’re probably not alone


If these feelings sound a little too familiar, then it’s likely that you have friends who are family members who are going through the very same thing right now. So, don’t be afraid to ask. It’s highly likely that you will be glad you did. And hopefully, they will be too 🙂

Because right now, as we live in our new lockdown world, many women are reporting an increase in their symptoms of pre- and perimenopause. Oh thank God  – not just me then!

The reason is really quite simple. As your stress-levels rise (only natural at this time), so do your symptoms, and if your symptoms become more debilitating, your stress rises… the perfect storm!

Remember, stress comes in many forms, and you may need to look at your health and fitness regime and see what you may need to do less of, what to change, and what to do more of.

Check out Niamh’s video below to find out a little more and hopefully, this will be the start of a new chapter for a happier you!

Let’s talk to an expert – Meet Niamh Daly


First things first – Niamh encountered her perimenopause in her mid-40s, at a time when she, like most women, knew very little about what was happening, and that it could happen so soon.

The fear built around her physical and mental health as she encountered not just the classic hot-flushes, but episodes of anxiety and low mood, irritability, surges of energy, and fatigue. So, she decided to find out more.

Already a Yoga teacher since 2004, she spent 5 years researching and discovered how Yoga seems tailor-made to help us through many of the struggles we will encounter. Using Yoga’s physical aspects for body-care, and meditation and breathing techniques for mental and emotional health, Niamh set about putting her experience to work.

Can Niamh help you?

Niamh not only helped herself but created a set of resources that has helped over 100 women to troubleshoot their struggles.


Registered as a Senior Yoga teacher with YAP and Yoga Elder with IYN, Niamh has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 2004.

“My passion lies in making Yoga accessible, safe, useful and achievable for all.
After many years of striving (and believing, despite warnings from my body, that to be “good” at Yoga you should be pushing towards the “advanced” postures), I found that I was starting to doubt the wisdom of my habitual Yoga practice.  This took me to a huge crossroads in my teaching, especially while becoming aware of a global trend of injury to long-term Yoga practitioners.”

This year she turned 50 and launched the only training in Yoga for the Stages of Menopause in Ireland for Yoga teachers, and she continues to deliver workshops and private sessions online for women not just in Ireland, but across the Atlantic too!

Niamh runs a series of workshops and retreats right across the year  (open to all women over 40, or in surgical/medical menopause) 


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