Confused about charging your electric car?

Making the decision to go electric, doesn’t stop at simply choosing a brand and model…

There are a few things you need to understand about charging your new car, or company fleet.

In order to full understand the options, the Wasted Team spoke to the experts at TSG Charge Ireland to find out exactly what we need to know before we make the commitment to electric.

TSG Charge is Ireland’s leading provider of Electric Vehicle charging solutions, with a team dedicated to consultation, sales, installation, maintenance and support. They specialise in providing EV charging solutions to businesses and public corporations across 29 countries, so we figure that they have done the research for us!

Why are people apprehensive about EV charging? The charging of vehicle/s is a common concern for those considering moving to an electric vehicle (or indeed for existing EV owners), as many believing that EV charging is a hassle compared to refueling a petrol or diesel car. However, once they are properly informed, they soon discover that there is little to be apprehensive about. Investing in an EV charger for your home business or workplace can be hugely beneficial as the rise in popularity of electric vehicles is set to continue. We understand that people can be confused with so much information in the market, so we have put together a basic guide to EV charging to help alleviate some of the concern.

How is an Electric Vehicle is Charged? Electric vehicles are charged by plugging the car into a charging station for a certain amount of time. The time it takes to charge depends on the vehicle and its capabilities, as well as the power available from the charger being used. Some vehicles will have a better range than others and this should be an important factor to consider when choosing a brand and model of an electric vehicle. EV chargers also vary in the rate of power that they deliver. High-speed charging options will obviously be more expensive than slower options but may be preferable for charging vehicles in a hurry. In general, EV charging can be more convenient than fueling petrol or diesel cars, as well as being cheaper, cleaner and more eco-friendly. The decision to install a home-charger, can also save you significant time and hassle in the long term.  

How do I charge my car when I’m out and about? Investing in an at-home EV charger is extremely worthwhile, however it is not always feasible for some EV owners, for eg, those living in apartments of those using on street parking at home. The good news is that there has been a huge increase in the number of on-street public and private EV charging stations in the past number of years across the country, meaning that the past issues of poor accessibility to public charge points is no longer a deciding factor in choosing to purchase an electric car. Furthermore, the Government has introduced the Electric Vehicle Public Charge Point Grant which is available to local authorities and county-councils to install charge points on public streets or car parks that provide overnight parking for local residents. The Government also hopes to see 936,000 EVs on Irish roads by 2030 and will help to provide more public chargers over the next number of years in order to meet this target.

What to I need to know about Public Charge points? Most public charging points provide up to 22kW of charging power and fast or rapid chargers deliver 50kW DC charging. High Performance Charging (HPC), using the Combined Charging System (CCS) can provide power of up to 350kW. The cost of public charging will depend on a combination of the rate of power being delivered, and the fees from the EV charging station provider in question. Make sure you research what charging range your vehicle possesses in order to optimise your charging experience. With an ever-growing demand for EV charging facilities, along with the introduction of a variety of grants and incentives, the EV charging infrastructure in Ireland has the potential to improve dramatically within the next number of years. This means that potential EV owners should not be deterred as a result of inaccessibility to a home-charger.

Can I charge my EV at work? As the demand for electric vehicles in Ireland increases, so too does the demand for charging infrastructure. It is crucial that business owners in Ireland offer charging facilities at the workplace for both their employees and visitors. Providing EV charging facilities will improve the reputation and image of any business and physically attract customers to their premises. It can also improve employee morale and retention as employees are increasingly demanding better facilities for their EV’s. This demand is set to rise over the next few years as EV sales increase.

I am a business owner, should I consider an EV fleet? Businesses can avail of the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) tax incentive for energy-saving equipment (ie: an EV fleet). This incentive allows local businesses to deduct the full cost of the equipment/vehicles from their profits in the year of purchase. As a result, the reduction in tax paid by the organisation in that year is currently 12.5% of the value of capital expenditure. Irish and European governmental policy is growing to restrict the use of internal combustion engine vehicles in urban areas, therefore converting a fleet to electric will future-proof any business. With access to efficient charging stations, electrifying a company’s fleet can prove to be an extremely worthwhile investment. When the ACA tax incentive is taken into account, making the switch to an EV fleet is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. This small step in improving a company’s eco-friendly ethos can make a huge difference down the line and is a great investment for the future.


Top Things to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Vehicle Charger

Am I eligible for any EV charging grants? The Government provides grants for both private and public EV chargers. Find out more here.

Am I choosing the correct EV charger provider? Always ensure that your charger is provided by a trusted manufacturer in order to certify that the installation was carried out by a registered electrician.

Do I need to purchase a home-charger for my EV? For many EV owners living in cities and urban areas, there may be sufficient access to on-street chargers, which would mean that it may not even be necessary to purchase one of your own. Many businesses now also provide EV charging facilities to their employees.

About TSG Charge:

TSG Charge is Ireland’s leading provider of Electric Vehicle charging solutions. They are experts in this area and will consult with you on your individual or business needs. TSG Charge will install, maintain and support any EV solution they put in place. If you are considering installing an EV charger for your premises, please get in touch with TSG Charge via their website here: TSG Charge Ireland

Happy Charging!

The Wasted Team

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