Sales for Electric, Hybrid and Automatic cars on the rise

The latest figures from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry show that there’s has been rise in the number of electric cars being sold nationwide.

Sales in Westmeath have fallen to 652, from 708 this time last year and in Offaly, they’ve risen from 570 to 595. While in Laois, three more cars were sold last month compared to Februray 2019, increasing from 623 to 626.

401 were bought in Ireland last month, an increase of more than 23 percent compared to this time last year. Meanwhile, the sale of electric and hybrid cars in the midlands is up 46% in the first two months of 2020.

The latest figures from the SIMI show 320 have been sold compared, with 218 during the same period in 2019. Diesel remains the most popular engine but sales of both it and petrol cars are down 7% each.

There’s also been a 46% jump in the number of automatic cars bought, that figure is up by 162.

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Original source/article by Midlands Radio 103FM. Edited by

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