Driving a Green Revolution

Green, clean, electric, hybrid? It seems that the landscape of motoring has changed dramatically over the past few years.

As the pressure on the motor trade to find a viable solution for consumers looking for a cleaner driving experience, buying a new or second hand car just got a little more complicated.

But, Wasted has you covered! Greg Gaughran will bring you all the latest news and information about driving cleaner and greener.

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Here is a simple guide to explore whether an EV is the next choice you should consider

Our Motor industry has been battling it out to create a vehicle that not only runs on alternative fuel or energy (to lessen that impact on the environment), but one that is also practical.

So far, we have seen many Electric vehicles come to market, but they have often been fraught with frustrations for the drivers – the limited range for example. 

This has started to change. Technology advances in this area are coming hard and fast and the manufactures are dying to grab their share of this growing market. To see what car might be best for you, check out our Car Review section.

One of the other main reason (the first one, we hope, is the environmental benefits) why people may chose to go Electric, is because of the savings savings on fuel costs. Because the cost of charging your EV should cost you (best case) nothing at all and (worst case) very little.

However, Electric cars are still quite expensive. A new Nissan Leaf will set you back over €33K and if you like the look of the Tesla (don’t we all!), you will need to come up with the €130K to drive this home.

Purchasing a second hand Electric car is not always feasible because the technology is moving so fast and you may find yourself lumbered with vehicle that is only able for shorter ranges and longer charging times.

There are lots of grants and initiatives available for those purchasing new Electric Cars. There are grants for purchasing the car and grants for Home chargers. Check out our Grants & Initiatives Section at the end of this page.

There is alot of information out in the marketplace, so we would advise you to do your sums before making a decision. Do a 5 year plan (or however long you plan to keep the vehicle for) and work out what it’s likely to save you over this time on fuel, tax, VRT etc.

Yes. The VRT rate on EV is currently zero and the Motor tax is currently €120.  If you drive a company car and can convince your employer to purchase EV’s (and do their part for the environment!), you will currently pay no BIK. (There are some restrictions, so do your homework)

The servicing bill for your of EV will also be lower and less frequent, because EV have less moving parts and therefore require less maintenance.

AND the Toll roads are also on board, with up to 75% off for Hybrid or Electric Cars !

There are over 1,100 car charging points across the country, where right now (May 1st 2019) you can charge for free. However, from Mid 2019, there are plans to phase in some charges, with rates still unspecified (we will bring your more information as soon as we get it)

On another note, At Wasted.ie, we have heard some reports that some of these points are often Out of Order, but we hope that this will receive attention soon.

Another option is to install a Home Charger (the SEAI will provide a grant of up to €600 towards this), so you can fully charge your car overnight for as little as €2.