Renault is proud to offer an affordable electric vehicle. Renault has proven its expertise and experience in electric vehicle innovation, offering you a greater driving range and full flexibility.

Renualt Zoe – is by far the cheapest electric car to buy and thus the most popular car on the market. And the sales figure seem to back that up. It’s one of our favourite small electric cars and is cracking value starting from around €25,000 – once you’ve factored in the SEAI grant, VRT relief and it includes a battery. This is definitely worth considering if you’re thinking of going electric.

Let’s look at the facts:

Battery & charging

With home Wall-Box (*optional) – recharging is a breeze. Simply put ZOE on charge like you do with your smartphone, and wake up to a fully recharged car that is ready to go. See Charging Solutions


Renault ZOE is packed full of the latest gadgets and smart technology, which the manufacturers claim makes every trip with ZOE rewarding and exciting. Check out the technology

Wall-Box included

Retail customer with off-street parking can benefit from a 7kW fully installed homecharger which charges ZOE with Z.E. 40 battery from flat-to-full overnight, in 7-8 hours.

Stay connected

Z.E. Connected Services allows you to connect to your car via a smartphone or computer, which means you don’t even have to be inside the ZOE to enjoy it! Want to learn more – click here

Flexible Charging

The Chameleon Charger ™ which is uniquely fitted to ZOE is flexible and is always able to charge ZOE at maximum power available – which we’re told will save you time and money! Happy day! Discover more on charging here

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