Veganuary seems to be just about everywhere we look this month.

Veganuary, which asks people to ditch meat this month, has emerged as this year’s trendy resolution. But, is the option of becoming vegan (even just for January) a good choice to make and will it really have an impact on our environment?

The numbers: According to Veganuary, 750,000 people from 192 countries have joined the pledge. On New Year’s Eve, Natalie Portman urged her 5.9 million Instagram followers to take the pledge. “Fight climate chaos with your fork,” she said.

We have seen an increasing number of Fast Food chains battling it out in recent months to bring consumers the ‘best’ or most ‘authentic veggie / vegan burger.

See’s review of the latest here:

Is it worth it just for one month? There are plenty of people that will argue that it is superficial to go vegan for just a month. “I would say there are mixed opinions about people doing this for 30 days,” said Ewelina Augustin, 25, who runs the online store Vegan Warehouse from Hoboken, New Jersey

But officials at Veganuary say that the campaign was designed to reach people who are not ready to commit to becoming a vegan year-round. “We know that the largest hurdles for people going vegan are convenience and taste,” said Wendy Matthews, the group’s U.S. director in Los Angeles. “Veganuary exists to help people discover delicious plant-based food and see how easy it is.”

And even if someone doesn’t commit to veganism, there are still benefits. It is estimated that if Veganuary got 350,000 people to give up meat and dairy for month, it would reduce carbon emissions by 45,000 tons.

That is more than a small difference.

Meat Free Monday’s are also garnering alot of support with people wanting to make a small difference, but not willing to go the whole hog (pardon the pun!)

Considerations: Whatever your reason for going vegan, we suggest that you take a few things into account. Firstly, start small. If you are a large consumer of meat and fish, perhaps eating less of this would be nice break for your system. We could all do with eating more fresh fruit and veg and if one less ‘meat’ meal helps you to do this, that has to be a positive thing. Don’t beat yourself up if you try it and it doesn’t work for you. It’s not for everyone.

Don’t think that a vegan diet is all about nuts and chickpeas! There are some really delicious recipes and meals out there that ate veggie or vegan and we guarantee that you will be surprised! Eating out if / when you are practicing a veggie / vegan diet is not nearly as restrictive as it used to be. Most restaurant are embracing vegan options on their menus now.

But above all else, please do not make any rash change to your diet without researching it properly and perhaps speaking to your GP or healthcare professional. Your health is more important than any changes you may wish to make.