The hippest place for an afternoon cocktail in Dublin

These days, it’s hard to remember those long evenings gossiping with friends over a few cocktails. Or a couple of glasses of wine on a Saturday afternoon that turned into more than a couple…

Like many of you, we are still apprehensive about being in public spaces right now. We all feel a responsibility to keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe. With most of our usual haunts in Dublin City closed, it’s hard to find somewhere that we can go for a few drinks and still feel safe.

With the current government restrictions of only 15 people seated outdoors, many cafes and restaurants have struggled to stay open. Let’s be honest, we don’t have a huge choice of comfortable outdoor spaces in Dublin (or anywhere in the country for that matter), because we simply don’t have the weather of our European friends.

But, over the past few weeks, we have seen our local restaurants putting tables on the streets in the hope of attracting business during this time. And who could blame them. Our local businesses are really struggling right now to keep their doors open any safe way that they can. However, in most cases, as soon as the rain comes (and you know that it will), staff are dashing outside to grab the furniture and try to settle customer bills before everyone gets soaked.

But if you know where to look, there are some great outdoor spaces in Dublin City Centre that you can have a drink and food in comfort, without compromising anyone’s safety.

We have spoken about the Trinity City Hotel here before, because we feel that it is often a venue that gets forgotten by Dubliners. But, with it’s position just off Grafton Street, they have had a busy summer attracting visitors with great overnight rates.

However, what has become the hottest place in town these days, are their fabulous outdoor spaces (Yes, they have two!).

Following the government guidelines, the Trinity Hotel can comfortably seat you and yours in either the Brunswick Lounge or their Courtyard Garden and non-residents are welcome!

We love the Courtyard Garden, but they do serve food pretty much all day in both terraces. It’s a casual enough menu, which is exactly what you want, of an afternoon. And for such a fancy, city centre location, the cocktail prices are far from expensive. My choice of Tanqueray and Tonic is under a tenner. Both terraces are fully heated (lovely!) so cosiness is guaranteed, whatever the weather!


The signature Bramble Cocktail awaits…

Keeping ourselves safe and doing everything we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19 should be our top priority right now. But there are ways we can do that while still supporting the local economy and engage in a little socialising too. That’s why places like the Trinity City Hotel are doing so well right now and we wish them well.



Check out (or check in!) the Trinity City Hotel on Pearse St, Dublin 2. The Courtyard Garden at Trinity City Hotel
We recommend the Courtyard seating and the chicken wings!

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