Nissan is helping drivers to go green and to switch into the zero emissions Nissan LEAF by offering them up to €3,500 for their old banger.

Nissan has made the move to clean up the national car fleet and to support consumers who want to drive electric to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Bring us your old polluting car and we’ll give up to €3,500 to put towards the cost of driving away in a brand new, zero emissions Nissan LEAF,” said James McCarthy, CEO of Nissan Ireland.

The green scrappage offer is open to anyone driving a car that has been registered before the end of 2011 and will come as welcome news to anyone who has been thinking of making the switch to the Nissan LEAF.

Anyone driving a car that has been registered up to the end of 2009 is guaranteed a minimum trade-in value of €3,000 toward the cost of a new Nissan LEAF, with trade-in values increasing up to €3,500 for cars registered up to the end of 2011.

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