Greg Gaughran talks electric cars with Bob Flavin

Greg Gaughran caught up with Bob Flavin to talk over the latest happenings in the EV world at this year’s Ideal Home Show…

As more and more promises are being made by car manufacturers about the latest Electric and Hybrid models to hit the market, we needed to find out the real story behind a growing, but still confusing industry…

As this year’s Ideal Home Show placed a special emphasis on Sustainable living and Eco-conscious lifestyle choices, the weekend would not have been complete without us seeing what our latest ‘green’ choices are in the Electric and Hybrid Cars world.

The Drive Electric Showcase was buzzing with people wanting to know more and see more. Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Tesla representatives were all in situ ready to field questions from anxious and excited punters who all seemed very familiar with the term ‘Range Anxiety’! If you haven’t heard, Range Anxiety is the term used to describe how you feel when you just don’t know if your EV is going to make the journey home and if you have enough battery left to put on the radio 🙂

But the person we really wanted to speak to, was Bob Flavin. Owner, editor and director of The Next Gear and with over 15 million hits on his YouTube channel, there is very little that he doesn’t know about cars.‘s very own Motor enthusiast and petrol-head pundit, Greg Gaughran went along to have a chat with Bob. Have a listen to the full Audio podcast interview here:



Listen to the interview here:

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