Reclaiming your personal power with Shaman Durek

This year’s Vitality Expo at the RDS was full of inspiration, but the best part of the weekend was when we were told that we would have the opportunity to interview Shaman Durek…

So…who is Shaman Durek?

A 6th generation Shaman, Shaman Durek is described as a spirit hacker, a visionary, and an inspirational teacher. He has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life including public figures, CEOs and professionals, children, Hollywood celebrities, and mental health experts.


He has also worked with Princess of Norway and is said to be Gweneth Paltrow’s spiritual healer (well, if it works for Gweneth!). Because our interest was most peaked when we heard that he was also a women’s empowerment leader.

Applying ancient wisdom to our modern problems, Shaman Durek tells us that we can achieve real happiness by taking control of ourselves.

Where have we come across him before?

I remember reading an article written by Barry Egan in the Sunday Independent. To say that I was quite stunned by Barry’s account of his meeting with Shaman Durek is an understatement.

He started his article by stating that his readers would probably think that he had lost his mind, when in fact, he believed, that he had actually just found it.

“Whatever he is, Shaman Durek gave me one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life, up there with the day my mother gave birth to me, 51 years ago.” Barry Egan


So, how did the interview go?

We have posted the video here so that you can get some form of an idea about what it might be like to meet this Shaman Durek. But it’s hard to convey just how enigmatic and charismatic this guy is. His whole presence makes you feel that you are meeting someone who has been here before somehow.

Someone who knows exactly how you are feeling, really feeling, without you opening your mouth. He is a tactile person by nature, which isn’t for everyone, but trust me, if you saw the queue of people standing in line, just to hug the guy, you wouldn’t be long getting in line too.

For me, I just felt incredibly positive after meeting him. Like there is this person in our world, whose primary reason for being here is to spread love and positivity.

And who can argue with that?

(Interview recorded at Vitality Expo 2019)

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