Anna Geary’s Life in Lockdown

Celebrating her 6 month wedding anniversary in the strangest times the country has ever seen, Anna Geary talks to me about her Life in Lockdown…

Anna is known for her competitive streak and she makes no apologies for it. She was a finalist in DWTS, is a regular on Ireland’s Fittest Family and with more GAA medals that anyone we know, she has a ‘just get on with it’ attitude that I love…

Everything she does, she gives 100% and we cannot get enough of her straight talking personality.

We guess that’s why staying at home was a bit of a challenge for her at the start. She told us that she had set a to-do list at the start of the lockdown, but admits that perhaps it was a little over ambitious.

She decided, like so many of us, that she would take up meditation (a first for her!), but then started to feel guilty when she didn’t get around to it every morning.

Anna possibly doesn’t appreciate that this is most people in the county right now – promising to take something up and then not following through. But for Anna, not finishing what she starts is a whole new lesson and she admits that it had started to make her feel a bit down in herself.

So, she quickly made the decision to stick to what she knew best – exercising, even if that is just going for a walk each morning to get her energy levels up. She stresses that the most important thing for us all now, is to do what make us feel good and to stop comparing ourselves to other people. Well said Anna!

As social media has becoming an ever more present part of our lives now, it can be far to easy to watch other peoples stories and updates and feel that they are looking and feeling so much better than we are.

Anna assures us that everyone is having their own individual challenge with this lockdown and that we shouldn’t assume that their lives are better just because the Insta story shows them being super organised.

She tells us that this period is about survival and about getting through whatever way we can. As she impresses the importance for us all to follow the guidelines for as long as it takes, we feel that we want to do it because she has asked us! Anna is an inspiration and we could listen to her all day long.

And i speak from experience. I personally cannot praise Anna enough, having only met her a few times, I can honestly say that she became (an still is) one of my confidantes during my stint on DWTS. She provided me with such inspiring kind words, comfort and advice, which helped me navigate the emotional rollercoaster of my eight week journey, before being eliminated.

You can catch Anna on Todayfm ‘Pumped-up Kicks,’ every Saturday from 2-6pm, which is a sport, well-being & music show.

She also hosts regular fitness & health workouts LIVE on her Insta @annagcork …which is a must!!!

Thanks Anna!
Tune in for my “Life in Lockdown’ vlog series, when i’ll be talking to more friends on their survival & wellbeing techniques!  #LifeinLockdown

Sinead XX


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