The Trinity City Hotel – If hotels could talk!

Back in March, so many of us agreed that hearing birdsong in the mornings was good for the soul…

But now, we are now looking for a day out with a bit more going on!

Not that we don’t still love the birds, we do!, but now that we can ‘get out more’ but still can’t really ‘go-anywhere’ we have started to look at places to visit closer to home. As launched their recent campaign to promote ‘Make a day of it’ we have made it our business to do just that and find out what treasures are waiting to be explored, right in the city centre.

All that history, right on our doorstep…

The Trinity City Hotel, standing tall and proud on Dublin’s Pearse St, is one such place of great stories and discovery. The hotel is only the most recent occupant of this site because, over the past few centuries, this area has housed a remarkable story in history.

Traveling back to Viking times, this land was underwater, as the Vikings sailed their longboats over the site in order to dock at the ‘Long Stone’ (pictured), just opposite what is now the Garda Station at the top of Pearse Street. Over the centuries that followed, many efforts were undertaken to reclaim the land, along with the site on which Trinity College now sits, from the sea….

Sounds like something straight out of a Game of Thrones episode! You can read the rest of this magnificent history here: The great history of Trinity City Hotel

This is a hotel that I have passed many times but never been inside. I’ve seen it, but I’ve never really seen it. That was until I was recently introduced to the great history that lies beneath and the stories that live on within. Did you know that the Hotel was once home to Tedcastle’s Coal Merchants, the British Army recruitment office, and the Dublin Fire Brigade?

The Trinity City Hotel Historic Tour

But now that the hotel has just recently launched their new on-site historical tour, you can hear those legendary stories and feel the great history as you journey through the hotel and the original Padraig Pearse homestead next door.

Ireland’s 1916 Rising hero, Padraig Pearse, was born just doors away, and part of the Hotel occupies the garden where Padraig and his brother Willie once worked and played. The tour guides will lead you through time and share the tales of Trinity City Hotel and what life was like for the Pearse family living in Dublin in the early 1900s.

This is truly a great experience and a very real part of Dublin City’s history. The tour itself takes about 1 hour 15 minutes and is fully guided (in English), every Saturday & Sunday afternoon. After your tour, you are treated to tea and cake (I love that!) in the hotels’ Brunswick bar!

Prices: Adult €18 | Children 5-12 years €9 | Children under 5 free of charge (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Fancy hanging around a little longer?

You know that feeling when you get into a hotel and the atmosphere makes you feel like you just don’t want to leave? Having just refurbished their reception in the hotel, the staff in the Trinity Hotel are hoping that you will want to hang around a little longer too!

So, they are offering some really competitive rates for family overnight stays!

You can take a look here: Family breaks and offers at the Trinity City Hotel

Bonus: The hotel are now offering free cancellation up to 24 hours.

They have also teamed up with the EPIC Museum and Jeanie Johnson to offer their residents a 20% discount on tickets for both.

We think that’s enough hanging around for!

Note from the editor: We also wanted to tell you about the fabulous outdoor terrace that is hidden away in the interior of the hotel, but we thought we would keep that secret to ourselves for now…. 🙂

Email: [email protected] or call direct: Ailbhe Stephens (Director of Sales & Marketing) – 083 4567 233

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