Staycations to be big business in 2021

As travel abroad starts to look unlikely again this summer, we take a look at Staycations.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still active across the world, travel restrictions are likely to be in place for another while yet.

Even if and when countries in Europe open themselves up to tourists and airlines decide to take to the skies again, for many, the summer holiday abroad is being shelved for this summer.

A family holiday abroad takes time to organize, so there are many of us that will start to look at what options are on our own doorstep. There are restrictions here too of course, so it’s important to make sure you do your research and of course, follow government guidelines in terms of travel.

The Irish Tourist Industry has called for ‘Staycation’ Vouchers to be given to all households in order to stimulate the Irish Tourism industry.

Like other countries across Europe, our tourism industry has been devastated, right at the time that it was due to kick off.

But if the number of Irish people that would normally head away for their summer holiday, were on holiday at home instead, that would certainly take the sting out of some of the loss.

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Header Image (at (Achill Island) Courtesy of the Irish Country Magazine 

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