RTE launch EPIC story of Ireland’s women in history

Herstory: Ireland’s Epic Woman, airs on RTE One from February 3, 2020.

It may seem like a little off-topic from the usual stories we bring to you at Wasted, but we love this initiative from EPIC Museum in CHQ. It coincides with the museum’s ‘Blazing a Trail’ Exhibition, which celebrates the lives and legacies of 21 pioneering Irish diaspora women of the 19th and 20th centuries and marks the centenary of partial women’s suffrage, the right of Irish and British women to vote in elections.

There are some sad, some uplifting, but always inspiring tales in here and we commend EPIC and RTE for telling their stories.

It is a six part television series telling the stories of some of Ireland’s most remarkable pioneers in the arts, business, science, technology, revolution and power.

Herstory 20/20 Project is an ambitious storytelling platform devoted to uncovering forgotten but fascinating women’s stories from history, mythology and contemporary culture.

In partnership with RTÉ, Underground Films and EPIC The Irish Emigration MuseumHerstory 20/20 began last September and is currently running across RTÉ TV and Digital, with interactive projects for adults and school children across the island of Ireland and internationally in our diaspora worldwide.

Herstory 20/20 is about seeing the complete picture, in order to rewrite the future,” says Herstory founder Melanie Lynch. “The reality is women’s successes and struggles have been lost in the shadows for too long, resulting in global inequality and a regression of women’s rights.

Tune in on February 3rd for the first episode on RTE One!

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