Lessons in clean beauty from a Dynamic Duo

British-based beauty duo boasts sugarcane-derived bioplastic tubes that are recyclable and biodegradable.

BYBI stands for By Beauty Insiders. Founded by Elsie & Dominika in 2017, who are beauty bloggers, trained formulators and skincare experts who created products based on what they want and what they know still don’t yet exist.

Their products are also 100% natural, certified vegan and cruelty-free (they have the coveted Leaping Bunny stamp of approval) and are delivered using carbon-neutral methods.

Their best-selling Babe Balm contains no ‘harmful’ essential oils making it suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant mothers and babies. And they’ll even send you products in an eco-friendly and reusable branded BYBI bag.

Their products are “high quality and efficacious ingredients. This is done by striking a “delicate balance when choosing the ingredients that go into our products; first and foremost they must deliver stellar skin benefits but equally, this must not come at a cost to our planet, particularly given we’re drawing on the Earth’s resources.”

They employ an internal auditing system, aka ‘The Susty Score,’ which apparently grades the certain stringent factors and criteria in order to glean an ingredient’s carbon footprint and decipher what impact using it in a BYBI product will have on the environment. Wow – that pretty diligent and thoughtful! Are there others out there going to the same level…?

The Susty Score audits the materials they use and is based on the carbon footprint associated with the production of that material. It also takes into account the material’s afterlife (less to landfill = less greenhouse gas emissions).

The score also looks to determine how carbon sensitive a supplier’s harvesting model is, specifically looking for things including low energy-intensive machinery and good quality soil to capture and store more Co2.

Ingredients are graded on their source location and mode of transport to point of production (the UK). “We choose close to home source locations to reduce travel and, when this isn’t possible, ensure that the mode of transport is low carbon i.e. electric vehicle or boat.

Everything is formulated in-house at Bybi HQ – which means they have our own lab based in London which has the facility to produce small runs of products. The lab is powered entirely by green energy the manufacturing machinery is actually all done manually, meaning it doesn’t require any energy at all! We’re impressed!

The Duo also insist on seeing documented proof of all third-party partner’s waste management policies to ensure they are sending minimal amounts to landfill. They also need to ensure that once products have been produced, they are delivered to their final destination in electric vehicles.

Read their full story and what they stand for here

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