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As the consumer starts to take an active role in pursuing more ethically produced products, businesses are doing their best to keep up with the growing demand.

Let’s be blunt. Most businesses are commercial entities. They are in the business of making money and as much of it as they can. And there really isn’t anything wrong with that.

Businesses and money are necessary for our society to meet the demands of a growing global population. It is easy to be cynical about this, but with total dependency on consumer demand, every business must constantly look to their customer to find out what they want and give it to them. So, you could argue that it is the consumer that holds the control. Because this is an ever-changing, constantly evolving eco-system with consumer trends changing on a relatively constant basis (depending on the industry, of course)

So, when we notice that consumers are seeking out more ethically sourced products, we watch the businesses who are able to do so, fill the space and the demand. These are the businesses that we want to champion and promote. From small, independent, home grown producers – to the larger, international brands on our supermarket shelves, we are here to ensure that they get the voice that they deserve.

Eco-conscious and ethically sourced products, sustainable utilities, zero waste initiatives, plastic-free packaging alternatives…we want to hear about it all at Wasted.ie.

If you are in this space, please get in touch so that we can tell everyone!

Please forward your information or Press Releases to [email protected]


Mary O’Sullivan, Wasted.ie CEO

Retail News

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