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As our choice of holiday destinations has become diminished over the past few months, we are mourning our annual trips to the sun…

(…or that weekend break to Rome or Madrid)

But, let’s see the positives here! Firstly, this is really good news for our environment. As we take a break from travelling abroad, our planet gets a break from CO2 emissions.

And so, has there ever been a better time to explore this wonderful island of ours? Now is our chance to explore the west coast properly, to finally see the ring of Kerry, or to head north to Donegal or Antrim. I have been looking at stunning photos of these places for years, marveling at their beauty, yet still choosing to travel abroad each year.

This is also the time to try to support domestic tourism. We know how hard the sector has been hit across the world, but perhaps this is a chance for us to help our own tourism industry and businesses. If we choose to take this year’s family holiday (or mini break) in Ireland, we will be supporting local businesses anywhere we go.

And as we fill the boot with our belongings and hit the road, let’s try to be mindful of the environments we visit along the way. Ireland is so often championed for having so much unspoilt landscape. Let’s try to leave places as we found them and try to have a minimal (or at least less) impact on the surroundings.

There are plenty of examples of ways you can holiday with your family and still preserve the natural environment. It can be something as simple as choosing a walking tour when you go away. Or choosing accommodations that engage in sustainable practices. There are more and more of them to be found these days 🙂

Let’s try to keep it simple this year!

For destination ideas and some practical advice for an eco-friendly trip, check out: Ireland Eco Tourism

If you are part of the industry and want to make your tourism business more sustainable, Sustainable Travel Ireland is great for help and advice. Check out: Sustainable Travel Ireland

If you have any ideas, suggestions of places to visit, please email us at [email protected]

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