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Food Glorious Food!

The source of happiness for most of us !

Our relationship with food has evolved so much over the past few years. The culinary scene in Ireland has changed so much and the variety of offerings we have come to expect continue to move fast to keep up.

Supermarket shelves now stock fruits and vegetables that many of us had never heard of 10 or 20 years ago, because our appetite for these foods is growing.

As has our appetite for high end food in our cafe’s and restaurants. And they are delivering. New restaurants are opening every day in our main cities (and even our smaller towns) answering the call from people who are looking for more.

But is this all good news?

We will delve into the world of the restaurant industry and the markets that supply them. We will ask who is operating with sustainable practices, who is supporting local and of course, who has the best and tastiest food!

Because, we cannot ignore that one of the biggest sources of waste in our world today, is in our food production and supply. It has simply become our present and everyday reality. Over one tonne of food is wasted by every household in Ireland every year. That’s one million tonnes in Ireland every year. And across the world – one third of all of our food goes to waste.

Today, in a world where more than half the world’s population currently lives in cities, this an on-going challenge as convenience becomes ever more important to an urban society. The retailers committed to long-term action to deal with the crisis, so although we have a long way to go, they, at least, have started to play their part.

But, stay with us to see what your favourite food brands, shops and even local cafes are doing to try to combat our food waste challenge. We will let you know what restaurants are embracing sustainable food practices and what supermarket chains are banning the use of plastic packaging.

All this, along with news on the latest restaurant openings and new dishes to hit the market!

Discover more food stories with us – and let us share yours!
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