Dublin Docklands launches Re-opening campaign

Dublin Docklands is the place to be this summer, so grab your sunglasses, your umbrella (and perhaps a face mask) and head to Dublin’s up and coming neighbourhood!

With Ireland reopening at last, businesses are putting their heads together right across the country, in a bid to entice visitors and customers safely through their doors again.

Dublin Docklands has enjoyed immense popularity over the past number of years, as new businesses flocked to this new Smart and Digital hotspot. New and trendy bar and restaurants opened up almost weekly, all looking to engage with the growing population of Googlers, Facebookers and a generally vibrant and socially active population.

When the Coronavirus hit Ireland earlier this year, Dublin Docklands was not immune to the closing of offices, businesses and tourist attractions as the streets, walkways and cycle paths fell silent along with the rest of the city.


But that is slowly starting to change and there has never been a better time to explore this area, as the young population of residents, workers and tourists start to return to Dublin’s coolest neighbourhood once again.

With lots of wide-open spaces and a growing selection of bars and restaurants, Dublin Docklands has something to offer everyone, including world-class visitor attractions.

“After the longest closure in our history, We want to encourage residents of the Docklands and visitors to our museum to explore the area and are delighted to support this campaign. We are all in this together and by joining hands, we can work together to ensure that every visitor has a great day out in the Docklands”


And so, in a unique move to promote their neighbourhood, the cafes, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions across the area have come together to launch a marketing campaign inviting visitors to explore what their area has to offer. Kicking off on the streets of Dublin Docklands on July 7th, the outdoor advertising campaign will advise people via a unique QR code about businesses and attractions that are open in their immediate location.

The campaign is facilitated by way of 100 Big Belly street units on the streets right across the Docklands. Managed by iHubbs Media, the campaign will be highly visible and accessible to all visiting the area for work, or for pleasure. As a partner in the marketing initiative, iHubbs wanted to lend its support to the business in the area, by donating it’s Big Belly Outdoor advertising platform at a heavily discounted rate.

“We are delighted to be working together with the great businesses in Dublin Docklands on this marketing initiative. It’s so important that our businesses can re-open their doors safely once again. Our media platform creates the perfect outdoor advertising space to promote the re-opening of Dublin City and with footfall continuing to steadily increase across the Docklands, we are thrilled to be able to generate awareness and engagement with locals and tourists alike.

People visiting the area over the coming weeks will be left in no doubt that Dublin Docklands is open for business!” Mary O’Sullivan, iHubbs

Dublin Docklands is a community that has always been fully supported by residents, businesses and visitors, and one that works consistently together to support each other. This initiative is proof of that. This newest collaboration of ideas, funding and execution was made possible with the support of its dedicated partners:

iHubbs, Dublin City Council Smart Docklands, Fáilte Ireland, Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, Dublin Port Co, Waterways Ireland and EPIC Museum. A true example of ‘Stronger together’. We want to wish these businesses on-going success and we believe that this is yet another positive chapter for this area.

Dublin Docklands, hold that door open – we are on our way!

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