Wasted.ie: Who are we?

Wasted.ie was born to help the growing number of people who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but don’t know where to start. They want to create less waste, but don’t know if their small efforts will make any real difference. Mostly, they want to learn. The appetite is there but until now, the information and advice, was not.

Wasted.ie is a friendly, lifestyle-led platform where people can visit and learn how to include more sustainable products and brands into their everyday lives. We don’t want people to feel guilty because they don’t lead a fully ‘eco-friendly’ existence, or that they still eat meat! This site is not about lecturing an audience about climate change, but about educating people on the small changes we can all make to reduce the amount of waste we create each day.

We want to help people to see that by making small changes in their homes, workplaces and communities, it will make a real difference! This is a positive space where we hope people will visit, learn and maybe feel a little inspired.

Wasted Media Group: Who are we?


Wasted Media is a full service media and advertising agency that was established to bring a voice to brands, products and communities who have ‘green-ness’ and sustainability at their core. We are a team of media professionals, journalists, influencers and digital media nerds, with many years under our belts in Advertising, Journalism, Broadcasting, PR, and even Finance. We should be jaded with today’s media landscape – but we love it. 

But having spent so many of our years working with large organisations, calculating billable hours, watching the clock and putting the company bottom line ahead of client needs, we decided that we wanted more. To do more. To be more.

We want to give the right brands a voice and a platform to reach a willing an engaged audience. We want to talk about the brands on our supermarket shelves, about the local café that is doing everything they can to bring us the finest fresh dishes every day; and about the global companies that are finally starting to realise that people want more information and transparency about what goes into their products.

We will do this through PR strategies, advertising campaigns, digital and social engagement and of course, word of mouth.

For more information on Wasted Media, please visit www.wastedmediagroup.ie