A table that’s too small, a bed that’s no longer required, or a tent that your family has grown out of…

They may be no use to you anymore, but they will be useful to someone! Perhaps these items are just a little tired – and a little updating, or a lick of paint is all they need. But maybe you just don’t have the time or space to Upcycle these yourself.

Rather than dump these unwanted items (or clutter up the garden shed!), we encourage you to list them here, so that other Wasted users might give them a new home!

This is not a ‘Buy & Sell’ section, so please refrain from requesting a monetary exchange – there are plenty of other sites for this purpose.

Note: The Wasted.ie Team do not administer this serviceĀ  – we are simply providing a space for you to list your unwanted items for others. Wasted.ie take no responsibility for transactions conducted here. Any communication should be directly between individuals.