Kokoro Organics by Sharon Farren

Sharon is an accomplished Fashion and Hospitality expert, spanning decades of experience across Dublin and Brussels. Sharon introduced the famous ‘Hair Scrunchie’ into Ireland in the mid 80’s. While finishing her studies at UCD, she borrowed a sewing machine and started making them at home. Then, came the budding entrepreneur plugged it in stores and garnered a range of customers including ‘Brown Thomas’. That was just the start. She went on to establish three boutiques in Dublin, another two independent Designer boutiques in Brussels, including promoting a range Irish designers and their designs abroad such as John Rocha, Paul Costello, Lainey Keogh, Deirdre Fitzgerald, Lynn Mar, Allicano and Vivian Walsh.


But the world is changing and Sharon mission has evolved. She wants to keep doing what she loves, while preserving and paying homage to our environment. Sharon’s goal: To Cultivate a Sustainable eco-fashion community. ‘I like to think Globally and act Locally,’ Sharon says. She is passionate about Sustainable Ethical fashion and Organic fabrics and having a tangible impact on saving the planet. Her designs speak to that. .

Her mission can become yours. Share in this world of wearing designs created with sustainable design strategies, produced in a small scale in Ireland. Her designs use natural organic fabrics, and her model is based on building a sustainable community of suppliers sourced locally in the Dublin area.

This journey has evolved and after a year of research and development with Organic fabrics, especially focused on the benefits of Organic Bamboo and Organic Bamboo Silk, Sharon is poised to launch her new brand: `Kokoro Zen Wear’ – . Quality is the cornerstone of Kokoro Organics Ltd. designed and made in Ireland. Experience her unique wear, share the joys of the planet, and let `Kokoro’ shape your journey.


Benefits of Organic Bamboo fabric

Softness & Comfort: Bamboo is softer than even 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton and incredibly lightweight

Breathability: Bamboo fabrics wick away moisture and keep you sweat free

Natural Coolness: All natural fibers have a built in temperature regulator and Bamboo has an even cooler natural temperature than silk & cotton. This means they are reactive, keeping you cool in warmer temperatures and warmer in cooler temperatures

Hypoallergenic: Bamboo has a natural resistance to insects & diseases-this means they are free of pesticides.This ensures that Bamboo plantations can grow the bamboo organically, keeping it chemical free.

Anti-Bacterial: Bamboo’s natural resistance to diseases means it can be worn for up to three days without washing. Which is why this natural wonder fabric is being used in hospitals world wide for post Chemo therapy, new born babies and people with common skin disorders such as Acne, Cystitis, Excema and Dermatitis

UV Resistant: Bamboo fabric can protect the skin up to 60% UV resistant reducing harmful UV effects from the sun.

Durable: Bamboo has greater tensile strength (resistance to being pulled apart) than steel & withstands compression better than concrete. Our Natural bamboo fabric is durable and was made to last.


  • Bamboo is a grass, not a tree so it can grow everywhere & grow quickly
  • Bamboo grows back after being cut down, unlike cotton (can grow up to 4 ft /day!)
  • Very little water required
  • No pesticides and chemicals needed


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Eoin is an experienced Art Director/Production Designer with 10 years experience within the fashion and film industry, across editorial and advertising, having founded two fashion labels and currently running his own creative studio.

An expert in developing creative concepts and executing client briefs to deliver effective commercial content. Eoin’s takes his social and sustainable responsibility as seriously as our love of his planet.

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