Mary O'Sullivan

Mary O’Sullivan has spent the last 20 years managing the commercial, PR and  marketing activities for various advertising platforms within the media industry.

Radio is her first passion, having held the roles of Commercial Director at various radio stations across the country over the past 15 years. She has also been an integral part of the start-up phases of new broadcast media and outdoor advertising platforms in Dublin.

She is a true advocate of clever advertising messages and believes that people are far more media and advertising savvy than some brands give them credit for.

Working across various media platforms has allowed her to work with hundreds of small businesses, helping them compile promotional and advertising strategies to get them noticed and remembered in the marketplace.

Mary’s interest in climate change and sustainability comes from her family background, although, like many, she admits that it has only become important to her in recent years.

‘My family has always been interested in the environment and we were brought up having an appreciation and respect for nature. We were not ‘hippies’ or ‘tree huggers’ by any means, but my parents always instilled a ‘don’t be wasteful’ attitude in us all.’

When her family became involved in more pro-active environmental initiatives in Galway, she started to become more informed and started to realise the true importance of sustainability.

“Before this, like everyone, I wanted to make changes, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I figured that there must be lots of people like me. Wanting to do something, but not knowing where to start.”

And that’s where the idea for was born.

“I realised that we needed a place where people could find the information they needed to make positive changes towards decreasing waste. We cannot assume that everyone knows about Climate Change and the carbon footprint, because they don’t. They are learning and don’t want to be talked down to or shouted at. They do want to help, but they need to know how.  They need to feel that small changes from them can really make a difference.”

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