Welcome to Wasted.

The whole world, it seems, is talking about climate change and the daily catastropes that are taking place across the globe.

Shocking images flood our screens everyday and leave us feeling ashamed, guilty and awkward.
We all realise and accept the problem, but many of us feel powerless to see or understand what we can do to help, or how we can possibly make a difference.

We believe that there is now a real appetite for change, so we have established this friendly information and news platform to help people become more aware and a little more informed.
This site is not about simply pointing out where we have gone wrong, but a place where we can show how simple things can make a real difference.

What is becoming increasingly clear, is that the global issue of climate change begins and ends – with Waste. We are simply creating more Waste than the planet can cope with.
But, by being more aware of our own contribution to the global waste pile, hopefully we will take some small steps towards decreasing our impact on a day to day basis.

It need not be about big initiatives and large projects, but small changes, in our home, in our workplace – in our own communities.
Rather than simply accepting that it’s too late, we should be looking at daily ways to create less waste – wherever and whenever we can.

It may be one less disposable coffee cup per week, or a morning shower that’s one minute shorter each day.
It’s less waste. And it all counts.

Yes, we need big movements also, but that’s where we hope our friends in the corporate world will take the lead. We see more and more of the large corporate brands doing their part and we hope that more will follow. Because their small changes – are big changes.

We have created this site, not to criticize or grumble – not to moan or shake a threatening finger.
But to provide information and useful, practical advice on how we can all make a small difference.

We hope that it challenges you, just a little bit.

But above all else, we hope that this site will inspire you to become more aware.

Thanks for visiting…

The Wasted Team