Norwegians have been told to urinate in the shower to save water and help the environment by an Oslo council official!

We came across this during the week and felt that we had to share it!!!

The article was published by The Mail Online… which stated that Frode Hult from the Water and Sewer Agency in Oslo said Norway uses nearly double the amount of water of nearby Denmark.

He said: ‘We have to stop wasting water. We could, for example, pee in the shower.

‘It’s a fine idea. We can also brush our teeth in the shower.’ 

He then NRK: ‘It’s also good for the environment because municipalities use a lot of electricity cleaning water.’

Hult also advised only using the dishwasher and washing machine when full and refraining from watering gardens.

He said scraping food into bins rather than rinsing plates before using a dishwasher will also help save water. 

Marius Fjellas who works for the council in Trondheim said urinating in the shower might be a step too far.

Thanks Mail Online for giving us a giggle!!! I’m not sure this would float here in Ireland!! 🙂

Read the complete article here