Smart Docklands showcases what can happen when a city  brings global tech companies, SME’s and local residents together in order to solve an area’s challenges. 

This is the vision for Smart Docklands, a collaboration between  Dublin City Council (DCC) Trinity College’s ‘CONNECT’ Centre and the companies and residents who reside here.

It seems that every crane in the has found it’s way to the Dublin Docklands over the past year or two, as the area thrives with new builds, global tech companies and an ever increasing number of facilities.

The whole area of Dublin Docklands provides a unique platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to develop new and innovative solutions that will transform the way our cities operate.

We have met the Smart Docklands team (at their office across from Dublin’s bustling CHQ building) and they are every bit as smart and forward thinking as the global companies they represent.

We also found that each of the partners had a specific focus on sustainability and eco-solutions. Many of the projects underway include finding solutions for greener transport and energy efficient structures.

The Smart Docklands Team is a small one for now, but they are certainly getting things done. They place a unique focus on collaboration between a very diverse range of partners, all the while making the project inclusive for the local residents.

The idea is that they find out what challenges and issues are faced by the residents and SME’s in the area and then utilise the skill-sets of the global tech companies to come up with innovative solutions and then solve them collaboratively with residents.

The Dublin Docklands is a thriving business district, with 40,000 people working in the area and another 26,000 thousand residents calling it home. With the high concentration of global techs and startups, the suitability of the Docklands as a Smart City Technology testbed was obvious and so Dublin City Council (DCC) and Trinity College’s ‘CONNECT’ Centre spearheaded the creation of the ‘Smart Docklands’ initiative.

What are they trying to achieve?

The ultimate vision is that The Dublin Docklands will become the world’s most connected business and living district.

They want to accelerate the development of disruptive technologies that will make life better for people who live in urban centres across the globe, starting in Dublin. They believe that with access to the suite of global companies already invested in the area, and a willing partner in Dublin City Council, that they can make a significant contribution to solving some challenges of urban life today, and into the future.

Stakeholder Engagement

A fundamental principle for Smart Docklands is to ensure that they do not deploy ‘tech for tech’s sake’. So, the Smart Docklands Team run a series of workshops to identify the challenges in the area and invite key stakeholders in the various sectors in the area.

The groups identified for the workshops are:

  • Residents
  • Tech Ecosystem
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Infrastructure
  • Developers & Property

The team have a number of projects currently underway.

Read more about the initiative here:

Photo Courtesy of Groundinc