Climate protection begins at home!

In order to demonstrate what an average household contributes in CO2 emissions, we have used industry-based average household calculator to estimate the unavoidable CO2 emissions in our home.

Our ecological footprint is influenced by our behaviour in our immediate environment and our own households, so if we can become more aware of how we behave, we can start to make some small changes. By simply turning your heating down by one degree, ventilate rooms intensely for short periods of time and use energy-efficient electric devices, can make a huge difference.

The remaining, unavoidable emissions can be offset with various environmental initiatives or ethical projects that pursue goals, such as the general improvement of living conditions for the people in some disadvantaged areas in the world. The projects and initiatives will create jobs, improving hygiene standards and protecting biodiversity. This means that it is not only the climate that benefits; the local population does also.

Calculation principles

The household calculator determines the emissions from an average Irish household consuming heating and power. The emission factor for the average calculation of your heating emissions takes two things into account. 1. Direct Emissions (combustion) and  2. Indirect Emissions (extraction, processing and transportation of the fuel). With regard to fuel consumption, an average estimate is applied for heating emissions based on the living space that is heated for the average sized Irish house (circa 900m2).

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The Average Household Emissions

Energy Consumption

Home Fuel Type

Natural Gas

Construction Date


Average home size

700 – 900m2

Your Household CO2 Footprint

Emissions from heating: 28.699 t

CO2 amount: 28.7 t

Please note:

The maximum amount of CO2 a person should produce per year in order to halt climate change 0.600 t CO2

The amount of CO2 an EU citizen produces each year on average 8.4 t CO2