Forget Mac-y D’s, get yourself a Mac-y Bee…

The fast food restaurant McDonald’s has created a tiny replica restaurant – especially for bees. No, we’re not kidding.

It’s in Sweeden (of course it is!), where some restaurants in the forward thinking country have beehives on their rooftops to help build a sustainable environment in their local communities.

Initiatives to save bees are on the increase the world over – they pollinate our plants and without them, we’ve got a problem. The economic value alone of bees’ pollination work has been estimated around € 265 billion.

To celebrate the bee-saving initiative and the humble bumble bee, the McDonald’s Team in Sweden has created “The McHive”.

The tiny wooden structure is a fully functioning beehive and the busy bees enter through the hive’s main entrance, which has the iconic golden arches sign above.

The McHive also has a McDrive and outdoor seating in case the bees fancy having their Happy Meal outside too.

The McHive was designed and built by award winning set designer Nicklas Nilsson.

We love it. 🙂

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